operate – how different is it from giving a handwritten letter?

operate – how different is it from giving a handwritten letter?
He sighed in distress, “It’s so good, why did you think of doing this kind of thing? Who gave you the idea?”
“Li Yongsheng, a trainee from Boling Monastery,” Wang Junyi sold his teammates very easily, “He is responsible for the relief work in Leigu, Zhongyi.”
There are not many victims in Leigu, but it has had a great impact on several surrounding counties. In Sanxiang County, which is like a mess, this is The only phenomenon that can be called positive energy.
Of course, many people also realized that behind Thunder Valley, there was the shadow of Dao Palace.
“A trainee from Boben?” The county guard frowned, “Didn’t some princess do it over there at Zhongyi?”
/He actually knew which princess did it, but he didn’t want to appear to understand.
“The ninth princess of the King of England has a very good relationship with Li Yongsheng,” Wang Zhiyun wanted him to understand. He spoke in a clear and decisive manner, “Li Yongsheng also helped the county and recruited two thousand war horses.” It took
“Really?” The county guard’s eyes widened and he didn’t know what to say for a while.
him a long time to grow up . Wang Zhiyun sighed, “Zhiyun, you’ve made it really hard for me this time.”
“It’s hard for me too. I’ve been driving the refugees towards Zhongyi.” Wang Zhiyun sighed, “The King of England has already arrived at the edge of the town. , He now holds military and political power!”
The county guard was silent. After a long time, he smiled and said, “Forget it, Zhiyun, since you are a temperamental person, I am not a cold-blooded person. This time, I will accompany you crazy. Please cooperate with me in requesting a military ward!”
“You must obey your orders,” Wang Zhiyun finally breathed a sigh of relief. If the name of the King of England hadn’t been revealed, it would have been really difficult to convince you.
At the same time, Li Yongsheng was at Bolingben Monastery, completing a series of procedures for himself and Qin Tianzhu.
Both of them missed this year’s opening ceremony. If the trustee hadn’t brought the news from Sanxiang, our college would have had suggestions for how to deal with them – even if you are studying off-the-job, you can’t treat the seminary too little. Isn’t that true?
However, the behavior of the two people in Thunder Valley was indeed a shame to Dean Boban, and it was an extremely down-to-earth trial, which was in line with the purpose of the establishment of the monastery.
So the procedures went smoothly. Chief Instructor Kong Shujie specially summoned Li Yongsheng. But when she saw her student, she was shocked, “Is this an intermediate level cultivator?”
She also said it three months ago , who had just been promoted to senior cultivator, he didn’t expect that his students would catch up with him.
Li Yongsheng said with a smile, I have another chance.
/When he mentioned the opportunity, Mr. Kong couldn’t say anything else. In fact, she came to him because she also wanted to inquire from the