What he thought was that he would have to wait for more than ten days, but he didn’t expect that Zhao Xinxin’s carriage would drive out of the Prince’s Palace early the next morning.
She came to Ye Zhenren’s carriage, got out of the car and said a few words. The two carriages drove up the official road and headed towards Shuntian Mansion.
Li Yongsheng was wondering when Zhao Xinxin’s voice came from the sound conch – the King of England was invited to Shuntian Mansion by this emperor. This time, the King of England’s birthday will be held in Shuntian Mansion!
Shuntian Mansion holds a birthday banquet? Li Yongsheng raised his eyebrows: This is obviously another explanation.
/It has always been taboo for princes and princes to stay in Beijing, especially princes, who are too sensitive.
The capital of a country is definitely the political center. It is easy to make friends with the ministers of the DPRK and China and cultivate party members.
The King of England was favored by Guangzong and stayed in the capital for a relatively long time, but later he left the capital and went to the daimyo. After the late emperor secured the throne, the country encountered some incidents one after another, so he recalled the King of England to Shuntian Mansion.
However, most of the time, the King of England is still in Daming Mansion, especially after Jinshang ascended the throne. In the past three years, the King of England did not come to Beijing at all. That was the celebration of Jinshang’s pro-government last year. Many princes and princes came to Beijing to congratulate him. .
The British Prince’s Mansion in Beijing is just a small courtyard of fifty acres. On weekdays, there are some family members here, as well as some young British princes and daughters – after all, Shuntian Mansion has richer resources, such as education, than Daming Mansion is too powerful.
This time, the King of England is asked to hold a birthday banquet in the capital. I really can’t tell whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing.
However, Li Yongsheng was not interested in guessing, so he just had to wait and see.
Zhao Xinxin seemed a little absent-minded and did not communicate with him more. The two carriages went straight to the capital.
After arriving at the outskirts of the city, the Ninth Princess first went to Xuantian Temple to check in. After resting for a night, she entered the city.
Ye Zhenren, who was traveling with her, did not place any orders, nor did Zhang Muzi, who followed her. Anyway, the year of the ceremony has passed, so what’s the point of calling Zhen?
Li Yongsheng secretly followed her to Prince Ying’s Mansion. Only when he saw someone taking her in did he feel relieved.
Now that people have entered the palace, their safety has definitely been guaranteed. Li Yongsheng thought for a moment, let me go to Chaoyang Daxiu Hall and take a look at how the radio station is doing.
Although he has finished joining the class—in fact, he has graduated from the main course—his reputation in the teachings i