lf and not frown.

“February 12, no, I want to laugh when I see Florent.
“Ha ha ha ha”
“On February 15th, the improved artillery I designed and supervised was completed. The effect was a little worse than I expected, but the problem is not big. With it and mass production, I will let this world in this era see the real advanced tactics
“To celebrate, I decided to hold a banquet and invite those guys who look down on me. Just wait and get slapped in the face.”
“On May 5th, that unspeakable organization once again called a gathering of members.
“I’m struck every time by the way they rally members, it’s a miracle, no, a miracle.
“After the previous observations, I raised some questions at this gathering. For example, all the Sequence 0 names on the blasphemy slate are of sufficient character. Only the Red Priest is unique and not noble enough. The old gentleman sitting next to me told me , red refers to the red of war, and priests can be understood as sacrificers of the essence of power.
“It was opposed by some who believed that the priests of the red priests were the priests of the original Creator.
“I tended to the former, so I asked the old gentleman’s name in a low voice. I didn’t know the identity of every member here. To be extreme, I even only knew part of them.
“The old gentleman answered me with a smile and said his name was Hermes.
“Hermes, the one who created the ancient Hermetic language. Hermes, the founder of human mysticism.”
Hermes is an ancient powerhouse! Klein’s brows moved slightly when he saw it.
With a solid foundation in mysticism, he knew exactly which era the old man who created the ancient Hermetic language was active.
“He actually lived to the time of Emperor Russell, and may even live to this day. He is a living fossil of human mysticism.” Klein sighed with emotion, and experienced the horror of the “Twilight Hermits” from another aspect.
Even Hermes is a member
Other secret organizations, even within the Church of the Seven Gods, often use ancient Hermes when performing sacrifices and rituals.
The “Twilight Hermits” was really high-end, grand, and upscale. Klein couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.
This is simply cheating. Klein felt a little sad when he thought that there was only one-twenty-two “blasphemous cards” in Tarot.
He returned his focus to the paper and continued to read the rest of the previous diary:
/“This organization has done the right thing
“I see my bright future. Three exclamation points cannot describe my mood at this time.
“This group of big shots, these immortals, gathered together simply to believe in the views of the Twilight Hermits that have been passed down to this day. No, that’s not the case at all, at least I don’t
“There must be some among them who believe in those ideas fanatically, and simply want to wait for the original Creator to wake up, and want the progress of history to advance to that point as expected. Haha, according to my understanding, it is probably not an awakening, but a resurrection.
“But there won’t be more than ha