the carriage and horse shop did not dare to ask more questions.

the carriage and horse shop did not dare to ask more questions.
That night, three fires were lit on a ridge in Dongling, and one more was put out immediately. By midnight, another fire was extinguished, leaving only one.
At the beginning of the Chou period, the fire became increasingly dim, and at some point, a dark shadow appeared silently beside the fire.
Beside the fire was a man with a simple and honest face, who seemed not to notice the arrival of the shadow.
The black shadow stood there for a long time before speaking softly, “Why would a person light three fires?” The
honest man did not even raise his head and replied lightly, “I came from the Hall of Cause and Effect, waiting for someone.”
The black shadow was silent for a moment, He spoke again, “You are not the rightful owner, call the rightful owner.”
“Who do you think you are?” The man slowly raised his head, with a sarcastic smile on his lips, “You are not worthy of meeting the rightful owner, first Tell me what’s going on.”
The black shadow wore a human skin mask on his face. Hearing this, he was startled for a moment before speaking, “A little person like you doesn’t need to know too much about the Hai Qing River Banquet.”
“It’s so vulgar to say that the sea is dead and the stone is rotten . Password,” the honest man still looked disdainful, “Tell me, what’s the matter.”
/“I want to see the real master,” the black shadow did not answer directly, but accused the other party, “You guys came a little late. This is Haidai. Are you sincere?”
/Hai Dai’s sincerity, of course, refers to Prince Xiang’s Mansion.
“I don’t know about Hai Dai’s sincerity,” the man replied lightly, “Aren’t you willing to tell him directly?”
The shadow emphasized again, “I want to see the real master.”
“Okay then, tomorrow night, the Zhang family will drive Madian,” the man replied disapprovingly, “You have the opportunity to state your demands, but remember not to wait when the time comes.”
The black shadow was not so easy to talk to, “The war in Youzhou is stalemate, put away your ridiculous arrogance and really think that it is just a sea of ????sea. Can one Dai county seize the entire thirty-six counties?”
“We really think so, the heroic army of Hai Dai is invincible.” The man’s tone was still very relaxed, even a little sarcastic, “If not, why do you have to Are you in a hurry to invite us?”
“Okay, I won’t talk nonsense to you,” Heiying said quickly, “We won’t go to Zhangjia Carriage and Horse Shop. It will still be this time tomorrow, so let’s love you here.”
He said. After he finished, he turned around and floated backwards, not waiting for the other party to reply.
However, a man’s voice still came from behind him, “Then tomorrow, we will not change the location at this time!” In
such contact, both parties showed a certain degree of strength. Of course, this is not unusual, even if it is Master Ran would test like this when he came in person without knowing the details.
Of course, the more important thing is that since such an agreemen