seen too much. Things in the lower realm are no stranger to this.

seen too much. Things in the lower realm are no stranger to this.
Li Yongsheng raised his eyebrows, intending to say something, but in the end he remained silent.
Then, Zhang Muzi asked, “Li Yongsheng, you can definitely preach in Leigu, there are so many people here.”
Li Yongsheng spread his hands, “There are so many refugees, do you think I can handle it? And here After all, it is a secular place.”
In fact, for everyone, a secular place is really not a big problem. Just open a clean place. The key is that relieving the refugees is really not a trivial matter, especially now that the two kings have turned against each other.
Ding Jingzhu asked aloud, “Li Yongsheng, are there any True God believers in Lei Valley?”
She didn’t ask him why he found the other party, because she knew that she couldn’t get the answer.
She already knew quite a bit about this child’s character – rather than listen to the other person’s nonsense, it would be better not to ask.
/This is also the reserve of a high-level cultivator.
Li Yongsheng thought about it and then nodded, “I have found one more so far, but there is no guarantee that there will only be that many.”
When Zhao Xinxin heard this, her face suddenly sank, “Who is it?”
“Xinxin, wait a moment. “Ding Jingzhu interrupted her, and then looked at Li Yongsheng again, “Have you found anyone from the wild priest?”
Li Yongsheng shook his head simply, “No.”
Everyone stayed for a while and finally dispersed.
Ding Jingzhu walked at the end, and when he saw everyone else leaving, he asked in a low voice, “How do I feel? Do you think wild worship is a battle between orthodoxy, and cults are a collision of civilizations?” That’s
how it is, Li Yongsheng was surprised He looked at her calmly and said, “You are thinking too much.”
Immediately afterwards, Ding Qingyao took action personally and captured the True God believer identified by Li Yongsheng.
This guy was actually ordered to lurk in. He transformed into a high-level cultivator and had an amulet on his body that blocked his aura. When he was caught, he even tried to commit suicide.
However, Ding Qingyao is the dignified master of Xuannv Palace. If he succeeds in committing suicide, he can really buy a piece of tofu and kill him.
Ding Jingzhu’s attainments are also extremely extraordinary. He soon found out through soul searching that this person lurked into Thunder Valley because he wanted to understand the movements of Thunder Valley. A great chaos was imminent in Middle-earth. The Crescent Kingdom had suffered a lot in the past. I want to find an opportunity to regain my place.
The Taoist Palace is not surprised that the New Moon Kingdom reacts like this. Cult members are bound to retaliate, and this also involves a problem of momentum – if they cannot regain their place, the True God Sect will lose its reputation.
Miraculously, although this cult member had his soul searched, his mind was basically still normal, which clearly shows how extraordinary Master Ding Jing is.
/Du Jingjing, who has alwa