nd he should not have any leisure time at ordinary times.

“It’s just a hobby. I’ll ask you two to judge later when we have dinner!” David said with a smile.
/“Okay, let’s have a good taste of the food later!” Gershwin, the Minister of Noble Affairs, said with a smile. He looked at each other again with Priest Forbes, and then continued: “Baron Arthur, we will stay in the castle for three years.” God, this is the only thing we can do to help you!”
“You can stay. Of course I am too late to welcome you, but is there something wrong?” David asked in confusion.
“The Luce family is in some trouble. If we stay here, the other party will not dare to come here until they have knights who can deal with us. Plus our two identities, even if the other party is a noble, they have to consider the existence behind us! “Priest Forbes replied softly.
/Priest Forbes is a priest of the Temple of Justice and cannot interfere in disputes with nobles.
The same goes for Gershwin, the minister of noble affairs. He is only the minister of the noble affairs department and has little influence on the nobles. He can only make the other party have some concerns about them being here.
“Thank you, I will try to deal with it as soon as possible!” David bowed and thanked.
After seeing the environment here, David felt that this was his home court.
You must know that the castles are built of rocks, which is equivalent to giving David a space to use “underground sneaking” anytime and anywhere.
David fights here, he can advance and attack, retreat and defend. His actual combat power is much stronger than what he shows.
As long as the hostile force does not have Sky Knights, then the other party will not pose much of a threat to him.
Even David thought that the other party would send more people over. He just needed some souls to enhance the knowledge of the divine world.
“Baron Arthur, don’t think about taking action yourself. You are already a noble. If the other party goes too far, you can go to Jianmo City to live for a while. In Jianmo City, the other party will not dare to take the initiative!” Priest Forbes advised.
He knew that David had just been promoted to Chaofan, but he was afraid that David would not know the strength gap between Chaofan and the Knight.
To be able to push the Luce family into such misery, the force behind it must be stronger, at least at the level of the Earth Knight.
David nodded. Although he would not do what Priest Forbes said, he still thanked Priest Forbes.
“I understand this. It’s lunch time, let’s go have a meal!” David did not continue chatting, he stood up and greeted.
Gershwin, the Minister of Noble Affairs, an ordinary person, stood up faster than Priest Forbes, who was a knight. He couldn’t wait to rush to the restaurant, but such a thing was too rude and he couldn’t do it. of.
Butler Jason brought the three of them to the restaurant. David looked at the restaurant and found that he did not see Andrew Knight.
“Where’s Knight Andrew? Invite him to come and dine with you!” David ordered Jason butl