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/After he understood the whole story, he let out a sigh of relief, “This guy Yongsheng is really amazing.”
“Shen Jiaoyu?” A young cultivator walked next to him and asked in a low voice, “What is the background of this Li Yongsheng? ”
The person who asked the question was Zheng Ziyang, a fellow seminarian, but this question was also something other seminarians wanted to ask.
“What’s your background?” Shen Jiaoyu rolled his eyes at him, “Orphan, what’s your background?”
“Orphan?” A group of onlookers were immediately shocked. Is there any mistake? Can you take out a pardon card issued by the Government Affairs Council? There is a pardon card issued by the imperial court in his pocket. For such a person, you actually told me that he is an orphan?
Someone even shouted in the crowd, “Jiaoyu, I haven’t read enough books, don’t lie to me~”
“Quiet!” Zhang Yan shouted. When the noise subsided, he looked around and then spoke loudly, “I I testify that Li Yongsheng is indeed an orphan. Everything he has is earned by himself, including the pardon card.”
After a pause, he raised his voice again, “Is it an accident? It shouldn’t be an accident. We, the seminarians in Chaoyang, have What can’t be done? Why do we have to rely on our parents?”
Mr. Zhang launched an on-site education meeting at the right time to boost the morale and confidence of the seminarians.
As for the effect, of course it won’t be too bad. Chaoyang’s seminarians are always known for their pride. How could I not be able to do what my peers can do?
Zheng Ziyang, on the other hand, muttered in a low voice, “Isn’t Li Yongsheng a cultivator from Chaoyang?”
Not far away from the crowd, there were two female cultivators under the shadow of a tree. They were also looking at this place. One female cultivator nudged the other with her elbow. He sat down and spoke in a low voice, “Yuqin, he is really too outstanding to be a good match.”
Zhou Yuqin looked ahead blankly, his eyes full of confusion. After a long time, he suddenly trembled and walked quickly forward. “Let’s go see Li Yong’s injury, Xiaomei, are you overthinking it?”
/There was a cry in your voice, but am I overthinking it? Ming Xiaomei looked at her back and couldn’t help but sigh – Silly girl, some things are really out of reach.
Things that happened that night quickly fermented the next day and spread quickly throughout the world. Major repairs to the hall.
Even if some seminarians had no information, they found that the area near the main entrance of the Daxiu Hall was much cleaner, and there were no longer many high-profile people setting up stalls.
Li Yongsheng’s name spread like wildfire in the Great Xiu Hall, and even many of his affairs were uncovered by others – as the same saying goes, there are too many powerful children in the Chaoyang Great Xiu Hall.
Of course, there are very few people who can reveal the grudge between him and Lian Ying. Even if someone knows about it, they don’t dare to talk nonsense.
But there are too many people who can reve