grass. So there was a severe drought in Bashu, and the people from the Royal Horse Supervisor came.

grass. So there was a severe drought in Bashu, and the people from the Royal Horse Supervisor came.
Mr. Ao was a man with no temper. He always smiled wherever he went, and he was able to show his condolences to the people with ease.
Of course, he smiled when collecting money and rarely promised anything.
But if others still give you money on the pole, you are a close minister of the heavenly family.
There are also people who do not show their filial piety. When Mr. Ao visits the local area, he will often express his views on some issues – your disaster relief efforts seem to be not enough.
Bashu County, a large county, and parts of several surrounding counties have been hit by drought. The total is close to the size of Bashu County and a half. It is impossible to provide comprehensive disaster relief in any place – there are simply not that many resources.
But the angel pointed out something inappropriate, so the magistrate had to change it, right? If you don’t change it, you will immediately go to Heaven to listen.
Of course, the Li Shu who were affected by the disaster were very grateful to Eunuch Ao – the angel spoke and we were taken care of.
Therefore, Tianjia is a good person, and the emperor has always been wise. People’s livelihood is difficult, and it is all the bad things done by corrupt officials.
In particular, Mr. Ao was very dedicated, patrolling around all day long, never being aloof, and staying in Furong City, the county seat.
/Seeing Oscar walking around and solving problems one after another, the common people felt a little distressed when talking about this man – Mr. Ao is such a good man.
It’s not just the concubines who feel distressed, the chief officials at all levels feel even more distressed – Damn, I’ve given you money several times, please stop running so hard, okay?
Eunuch Ao was frantically brushing silver coins below, and also brushing up on word of mouth. The angels from the agricultural college were also busy coordinating in various grain areas. Only the angels from the Government Affairs Council occasionally went to various cities and towns to supervise the work of the subordinates.
Today, the angel of the Government Affairs Council just turned around, and then someone from the county’s Government Affairs Secretary came to ask for instructions on various matters. Finally, he asked casually, I heard that Li Yongsheng from Chaoyang is very valued by our Government Affairs Council?
The angel was confused, why did you tell me about this person?
When he found out that Li Yongsheng was sent to Bashu by Chaoyang Daxiu Hall to do a mission, he pondered for a moment and said calmly – that guy is not a good person, let’s just pretend we don’t know this person and don’t have contact with him.
You ask me why? Damn it, this guy did Wei Shaoyu a lot of harm.
What, you don’t even know who Wei Shaoyu is? Then don’t ask. Anyway, it’s inconvenient for us in the Government Affairs Council to come forward to harm people.
This news soon reached Zhennan Gongfu.