ave been here before. Several times, I haven’t had a meal at home.”

ave been here before. Several times, I haven’t had a meal at home.”
Zhang Muzi looked at him suspiciously, “You have something to ask her, right?”
This guy from Daogong just doesn’t understand the world! Li Yongsheng was so angry that he glared at her and replied calmly, “I found something fun for Yongxin and let her try it later.”
I knew this was the case. Zhang Muzi curled his lips, but since he was stared at After a glance, she stopped talking.
/When Ren Yongxin heard this, her beautiful eyebrows frowned slightly, “Something fun?”
“You’ll know later,” Li Yongsheng smiled mysteriously, “What do you want to eat?”
tilted his head slightly, thought for a while and then answered, “Is the ghost fish soup bar convenient?”
“Haha,” Zhang Muzi laughed first after hearing this. Ghost fish is really priceless, and you can get it occasionally. , but it’s a bit embarrassing to go specifically to find it, or at the lunch that will be ordered soon.
Li Yongsheng ignored him, but turned to look at Li Qingming who was lying there, “Master Li, how do you feel now?”
Huh? Why did you ask me? Li Qingming was stunned for a moment, then twisted his face and replied with a grin on his face, “I’m trying to suppress the pain almost to the limit.” ”
That’s it,” Li Yongsheng took a step forward hesitantly and muttered, “Yes. Adjust, I’m going out to look for ghost fish.”
“Hey, no need to adjust,” Li Qingming shouted loudly, “It’s just a ghost fish, leave it to me!”
Although Crazy Li is only in the Military Service Department It’s just a casual job, but his name is very famous and people buy into it, so finding a ghost fish is really nothing.
Not long after, someone sent two ghost fish. Although they were found in a hurry, each one weighed close to three kilograms.
Ghost fish soup is actually very easy to make. You just need to cut off the fish meat and cook it. There is no need to add any seasonings. You must add some salt. You will get the delicious taste of the ghost fish.
However, Li Yongsheng came up with a new way to eat, “Don’t boil the fish skeleton that is removed, fry it until it’s a bit older.” The
skeleton of the ghost fish can also be put into soup, and the fish meat on the bones can be boiled, and the fish bones can be discarded. Lost.
Of course, in this material-scarce place, most people use fish bone waste—either feed it to their cats and dogs, or turn it into fertilizer.
Anyway, no matter how delicious the ghost fish is, it always has a fishy smell. It can only be boiled into fish soup and cannot be made into other soups. After the soup is finished, the fish bones are useless.
Li Yongsheng means frying the fish bones until crispy, adding a small amount of fish meat residue to the fish bones, chewing them up and eating them.
This way of eating was unanimously approved by everyone at lunch. Li Qingming even said, “This is simply more delicious than fish soup. I will do the same when eating ghost fish in the future.”
However, Ren Yongxin seemed to prefer ghost fish soup.
After lunch, som