ll follow me and hand over the cultivators from Chaoyang. Otherwise, I will kill you without mercy!” The reason why the

ll follow me and hand over the cultivators from Chaoyang. Otherwise, I will kill you without mercy!” The reason why the
bandits in Qingwu Mountain are famous is that they are not only powerful. In addition, his whereabouts are erratic. This time he comes to commit crimes in the suburbs of Fucheng, and it is definitely impossible to delay for too long, otherwise escaping will be a problem.
Just when Yan Jiu was helpless, he heard a cold snort from outside the courtyard, “Whose junior dares to claim to have taken away Chaoyang’s cultivators?” The
two men in white suddenly turned their heads, their expressionless eyes full of horror, “Who is coming?”
“I’ll give you three breaths, get out of here right now!” The person coming is even more arrogant than the Qingwu Mountain bandits.
“Who do you think you are?” A man in white shouted.
Before he finished speaking, a white light flashed and his body was broken into two pieces.
“You dare to scream like an ant,” a woman snorted, “You’re blind.”
“Go away if I tell you to!” The woman snorted again, “If you dare to ruin your reputation, believe it or not, you will end your family’s orthodoxy? ”
Let’s go,” a man in white waved his hand, and the other men in white shot away. But this man stretched out his hand, wrapped up the man who was broken into two parts, and left without looking back.
The people from the Chao Security Bureau still wanted to chase, but Yan Jiuyi waved his hand, “No need, it turns out he’s from the Zisun Temple.” “The
Zisun Temple?” The injured mid-level cultivator’s eyes flashed fiercely, “Holding the grass, where are you?” A temple for descendants?”
Of course, he was just asking casually. The Chaoan Security Bureau can be arrogant in the government, but that is only if they have a high enough status and privileges in the system. They really don’t look at the Taoist palace system enough.
Moreover, speaking in good conscience, although the government and Taoist palaces are not in conflict with each other, bumps and bumps are inevitable on weekdays.
Yan Jiu didn’t answer him, but a strange light flashed in his eyes, “This Qingwu Mountain bandit actually has some legs.” The
middle-level cultivator couldn’t argue with her, and just walked over and asked in a low voice, “What’s going on outside?” Is the real person from the Shifang Jungle?”
Even during the fierce fight, he could also feel that the person who spoke at the beginning should be at the level of cultivation, otherwise how could the arrogant man in white leave decisively?
/Yan Jiu shook his head slightly, opened his red lips, and softly uttered two words, “No more.”
She was very familiar with that female voice.
The head of the Xi family was also invited in. Seeing this scene, he felt cold from head to toe, and his hand was ruined.
Yan Jiu has returned to normal. She sneered, “It seems that the Chao Security Bureau has not moved for a long time. All cats and dogs dare to come out and show off. Regarding the bandit attack in Qingwu Mountain, does anyone want to say anyth