nd the fierce light in his eyes skyrocketed. Although he didn’t know who that person was, he dared to treat Tai Su as a pawn, and he would have to pay an indelible price.

Winning first does not count as winning, but laughing last is the big winner.
Thinking of this, Tai Su put his arms around the fairies on the left and right, wrapping his arms around them. When he lowered his head and saw the mountains and deep valleys, he frowned.
His fighting spirit, greed for money and lust were all passed down from that person. It was wrong. He was not a puppet. He should live out his own evil life instead of being influenced by it everywhere.
He is too plain and just does himself.
“From today on, quit drinking!”
/The two demon girls didn’t know why, and wondered what kind of style His Majesty was having today. Yaoyan was the first to follow Taisu, enjoyed the most favors, and understood Taisu’s thoughts the best.
It’s impossible to quit drinking. It’s just that you’re tired of it and want to do something new.
She understood it and put the spirit-fruit-brewed wine in her mouth. Two clusters of red clouds appeared on her face, and she greeted it shyly.
“Hehehe, this is good. If I don’t have you, how will I live in the future?”
Taisu was overjoyed. He lowered his head and pursed his lips, tasting a few mouthfuls and having endless aftertaste.
Bah, vixen, shameless!
Bai Jue looked at the ignored spirit fruit in his hand, a flash of jealousy flashed in his eyes. After a while, he followed suit and let Tai Su taste the imported fruit.
The effect was outstanding. Because the two girls won the emperor’s heart, they were left to sleep with him that night.
The time has come for the enthronement ceremony.
There were crowds of people inside and outside the Demon Emperor City, and countless demon tribes came across the three mountains and five mountains. The demon tribes in the world have been suffering from the human race for a long time, and they all placed their hopes on Taisu, hoping that the Demon Emperor would lead them to rise, defeat the human race, and reappear the demon race. The clan’s glorious past.
The founding of the Ten Thousand Monsters Kingdom is definitely a major event that attracts the world’s attention. The human race, which has always been more eye-catching, also sent a team of envoys to arrive.
The official team on the surface went to the Ten Thousand Monsters Kingdom on the order of Emperor Ji of Great Xia, handed over a letter of credence stating mutual non-aggression, and temporarily established diplomatic relations.
Regarding Taisu who suddenly appeared, Daxia did not collect any useful information, and the information he had was only second-hand and passed down through false rumors, so the credibility was not high.
It is nonsense to say that the Demon Emperor suppressed millions of troops with one punch, that the Three Kingdoms were destroyed in three days, or that although the monks in the world are strong, only five of them can defeat the Demon Emperor with one punch.
/This is not the most ou