peak and decline, the situation of the Blood Demon Dao has taken a sharp turn. Even the casual cultivators who used to flock to it have abandoned it. Finally, , this blood evil law can only be seen in the vast outer sea.

And it is in this place where the Blood Fiend Dao legal system finally “shrunk” that we can still vaguely see some of the afterglow that remains in the world after its past prosperity.
/This Fire Dragon Island is such an afterglow.
In the midst of emotion, as the night shrouded everything in front of him, and everything in front of him became darker and darker, Chu Weiyang seemed to really see a bloody sun shining from the other side of the world, and the afterglow fell into the real world, creating a fire dragon. What the island looks like today.
/Chu Weiyang couldn’t help but sigh. Just like a treasure born from the mingling of heaven and earth, with the inevitable decline of the Blood Demon Path, the rare afterglow that remains in the open sea will only become less and less. If one is missing, it is destined to be impossible to reproduce.
Today, Chu Weiyang will witness such a thing happening with his own eyes. What’s more, he is one of the people who directly and indirectly promoted this matter.
Silently exhaling a breath of turbid air, Chu Weiyang slowly cleared away the complicated emotions in his heart at seeing the withering of his lineage, and then looked at the archipelago itself.
In such a solemn world, just that kind of empathy is the limit of what the world can express. Apart from that, there is no room for anything else but life and death.
At this moment, the Yin spirits accompanying the Earth Master lineage were suspended above Chu Weiyang’s spiritual platform. When he looked again, in that natural scene, what Chu Weiyang saw was that he was moving mountains to chase mountains. The earth master’s technique is to transform the natural terrain and arrange it into a Feng Shui Kanyu formation.
If any ordinary monk force wanted to attack the island, the scattered arrangement of the islands would be enough to block the attack and trap them in the quagmire, only to be counterattacked by the monks from Fire Dragon Island.
However, the Feng Shui Kanyu Formation has its limits, the earth master’s method also has its limits, and similarly, the monks of Fire Dragon Island also have their limits!
Following Chu Weiyang’s observation, after seeing the layout of the Feng Shui Kanyu magic formations through the perspective of the Earth Master Yin Ling, he even used his own talisman formation background to conduct extremely complicated rehearsals, constantly thinking about what he should do with What route to take, what kind of crisis situation to encounter, what approach and retreat should be available.
And while Chu Weiyang was thinking about it, the thick fog in which the cultivators had disappeared gradually gradually followed the sea breeze and carried it towards the islands from all directions.
This is the time when the reclusive ability of all cultivators of escape is extremely tested.