n the list of gods for a while. Even though he is full of rebellion, he can only be obedient at this moment. He dares to get angry and rant, but he dare not move.

“Xiao Qi, what’s that look in your eyes? Do you want to eat people?”
Lu Bei pretended to be a winner and was as loud as he wanted. He had been waiting for this day for too long. If he had not been armed with a sharp weapon and could not easily show it to others, he would have taken off his pants and shit and let Qi Lijing clean it up.
That person, after wiping, wash the floor clean, not even a speck of shit can be left behind!
The picture was so beautiful that Lu Bei couldn’t bear it and laughed out loud on the spot.
Gu Zongchen clasped his hands together and fought against the Abandonment Scripture first, and then teamed up with Yun Zuoyu to fight against Zhonggong Huangdi. This battle consumed a lot of money, and he just wanted to be quiet.
All those who could be invincible for a lifetime are on the list. Yun Zuoyu, who claims to be a great hero, looked at the Qi Li Jing. He imitated Lu Bei’s example and came to Lu Bei and took the initiative to show his soul. Just like Qi Li Jing, after being on the list There is still a physical body available, not like that of Huangdi and Rui in the middle palace.
Lu Bei frowned slightly, and under Yun Zuoyu’s frightened gaze, he nodded and said: “Forget it, in this current war, only you and Gu are of the same mind, Brother Yun, so Gu will allow you some freedom, so as not to dampen your dedication to meritorious service.” .”
With that said, he grabbed Yun Zuoyu’s soul and threw it into the sky.
The world was spinning before Yun Zuoyu’s eyes. When he woke up, he was already standing with the Abandonment Sutra. Feeling the golden mark on his soul, he felt a little sad, but also a little happy and relieved.
Soon, all the sadness dissipated, and Huang Di, Yi, and Ji Longcheng in the middle palace were all suppressed by him. Only Abandonment Jing could be on an equal footing with him. This was not a great victory.
Qi Li Jing had a dark face, not having the slightest feeling about being on equal footing with Yun Zuoyu. If he loses, he loses. Talking about status at this time is so ridiculous and absurd, and it takes such a humble mind to laugh.
“Xiao Qi, what are you doing with a straight face? Today is a day of joy and mourning, so you have to smile more.” Lu Bei narrowed his eyes slightly, and Qi Li Jing’s face was uncontrollable, and the corners of his mouth were pulled to both sides, revealing A cruel smile that was uglier than crying.
/“It’s ugly, but the smile comes from the heart. It’s much prettier than the fake smiles before.” Lu Bei commented, stopping to look into the distance.
/Seeing that he was speechless for a long time, Yun Zuoyu couldn’t help but wonder that the Great Tribulation of the Gods was only in name only. The Emperor of Heaven swept across the human realm and the ghost realm, and put five invincibles on the list in one breath. As soon as the Gods were finished, the power