on’t need to bear it anymore!

Accompanied by the roar of Chunyang Palace Daozi, a group of companions soared into the sky with his powerful Qi. It was the innate Pure Yang Qi that Daozi had cultivated for a long time!
/The pure white bright light shot up into the sky, and at the same time, it arranged all kinds of talisman formations and seal patterns surrounding him, as if it were a pure white light pillar turned into a sword, penetrating through the sky and the earth. , runs through all phenomena in the world, and must continue to shine like this, lasting and inexhaustible, and it is not easy for the world to change.
Maybe he realized how terrifying his momentum was at this moment. Chu Weiyang was intending to regain some of the power exerted by the nine stacks of talismans, but in the flash of lightning, seeing the reaction of Chunyang Palace Daozi, Chu Weiyang was stunned. Weiyang was also happy in his heart, so he no longer restrained his strength, but maintained this high-pressure atmosphere that required Daozi to do his best.
In this case, there was a long stalemate.
Each other’s Tao and Dharma have been confirming each other for a long time in this stalemate.
And with the perfection and penetration of Chunyang Taoist heart, this transformation and sublimation from the root marrow develops from the inside out little by little, and soon infiltrates into the Tao of Chunyang Palace Daozi from the mind. With law.
Finally, such changes are reflected in the innate pure Yang Qi that manifests.
Then, along with the change of the pure white light pillar, the subtle adjustments in the Dao and Dharma poles were also reflected in Chu Weiyang’s nine-fold talisman array, the Yin and Yang two rituals and the four images of old and young.
He does not need to understand the meaning of this change itself. He only needs to remember the change of meaning that reflects itself, and then contact and confirm this change with his own method.
What is finally confirmed by the fibers of his own talisman array is Chu Weiyang’s own harvest.
Of course, this kind of discussion is destined not to last for too long.
/Soon, under the suppression of the nine-fold talisman array, even though Chunyang Palace Daozi had tried his best to illuminate the innate pure Yang Yiqi hole, adjusting his own Tao and Dharma to a harmonious and flawless state, but in terms of strength, The real differences are becoming apparent little by little.
The bright light rising into the sky began to dim little by little, and the horse training that penetrated the world was no longer as grand as it was earlier.
As the energy of Qi waxed and waned, Chunyang Palace Daozi’s resistance became increasingly difficult.
In fact, at this point, the transformation of his Tao and Dharma has come to an end, but Chu Weiyang is still maintaining that high-pressure state, and Chunyang Palace Daozi is constantly changing in order to continue to persevere. His own Pure Yang Method imprinted most of the changing meanings of the Pure Yang Method into the nine stacks of talisma