people from the Sword Sect. He looked around to both sides, looking at the various expressions and faces of all living beings. The seven emotions and six desires were entangled in them. Finally, his eyes fell on the Sword Sect monk. On the body.

It was pure anger and the ultimate desire to kill.
/And behind these four people, in the distance, one can already see figures that are about to break through the sky one after another.
So, Chu Weiyang waved in the direction of the Taoist temple in a nonchalant manner.
At the same time, Chu Weiyang’s hoarse voice sounded, resounding in the ears and minds of all the Taoist disciples.
“Some Taoist friends may have guessed it, and it doesn’t matter if some Taoist friends haven’t guessed it.”
“The poor Taoist Chu Weiyang was a prisoner in the Sword Sect’s Demon Suppressing Cave in the past and the last descendant of the Panwang Sect; he was also an escaped prisoner in the Demon Suppressing Cave and a loose cultivator who fled ninety thousand miles; he was also the Five Poison Taoist of Lingfu Dojo and the Lord of Langxiao Mountain. ”
“You came here so angry today, why are you trying to get closure?”
“But what a coincidence, there is also a blood debt here in Pindao, and you need to pay with your blood!”
Outside the sea, Lingfu Dojo, above Langxiao Mountain.
That phoenix sky fire has been lingering in the air for a long time. This is the full radiance of Chun Yuzhi’s power of nirvana, the rich foundation of the nine-color jade altar, and the entanglement of his own life.
At this time, along with the transformation process of Chun Yuzhi’s own Nirvana, the surging vitality from all directions swept in. In a few seconds, it was packed with the power of nature and poured towards the Phoenix Sky Fire.
And in the flash of flames, these rich and powerful powers have been calcined by the fireworks and integrated into the process of transformation.
Of course, there is also a small half that is integrated into the magic sword and alchemy coffin that are still lingering in the colorful light and constantly dancing in the fireworks.
Needless to say, the magic sword was once the place where Chunyu Zhi sent the gods. The sword body was intertwined with bright yellow and silver colors, and contained half of the sword sect’s spiritual objects.
/And in the alchemy coffin, the long-term nourishment of the Lingfu Dojo’s rich earth energy and precious light has transformed the once-deficient vein itself into an immeasurable natural transformation, and there are also supreme treasures in it. The material is integrated into the Faroe vetch copper mother.
This supreme treasure was put into the alchemy coffin and became the guide for the true transformation of the mineral vein with supreme heritage.
The mineral vein itself becomes closer and closer to the Tao and Dharma carried in the copper mother, and the supreme treasure itself becomes a bridge, guiding the mineral vein while pulling the magic sword.
Now, after being nourished by all kinds of creation, it is time to verify the results