o live before, no matter what method it was, as long as I was alive.”

“I survived!”
“In the future, I think I will have to avenge this one day. No matter what method it is, as long as I can get revenge, it will be great!”
“You help me, and I’m willing to help you too!”
Hearing this, Chu Weiyang clicked his steps and paused on the spot.
He lightly brushed the sword’s spine, and then flicked the sword’s edge with his fingers.
“I will also be a sword spirit in the future, Miss Zhi, or you told me that when this spiritual object is refined into a sword, it is as if it holds the key to the path to a treasured weapon of enlightenment. When that day comes, Your true spirit is no different from that of a great golden elixir monk. If that old godly woman is still alive by then, you will avenge yourself!
Once in the Demon Suppressing Cave, I understood the truth that since a person is alive, he must find something to think about for himself.
But you are right, you help me, I will help you! ”
When the words fell, the sword buzzed and trembled in Chu Weiyang’s hand, and aura flowed for a moment, and the nine-day moonlight flowed through the sword’s edge like water and sprinkled on the ground.
On the vast sea, there is a lone boat, swaying and bumping endlessly with the wind and waves.
But when you walk into the narrow cabin, there is a cave inside. It is as vast as a cloud pavilion in a Taoist palace, with incense and candles lingering on the four walls, dragons and phoenixes on the pillars, and in the center, there are eight square screens. , embroidered with some meaningful mountains and rivers, flowers, birds, fish and insects, the sun rising from the sea of ??clouds, and the steps of fairies.
At the back of the eight-sided screen, there are layers of sutra pillars surrounding it. The gauze is woven with the finest spiritual silk threads. If you look closely, you can see that the universal scriptures of Daomen Xuanzong are written in spiritual ink on it. , the lines are full of gentle connotations, the iron paintings and silver hooks, there are regular script and official script, it is a school of its own. At first glance, it seems that you have only read the book, but when you think about it carefully, it seems that you have read all the notes and notes of the predecessors. .
And when I looked into the innermost part through the layers of surrounding prayer pillars, I saw that in the elegant fragrance of the wonderful clouds and mist, there was actually a broad and soft cloud bed, with layers of black gauze that looked like clouds. Inside, there is Shi Yuting lying in it.
In the black gauze, one hand stretched out to support his forehead, and the other hand came down, subconsciously twisting a dough fan.
Amidst the elegant fragrance, the beauty’s breathing sounded long, as if she was sleeping in a sweet dream.
The waves and the lonely boat outside the house seemed to have nothing to do with her.
/At this time, there was a sudden sound of footsteps, and Shi Yuting seemed to wake up suddenly. When he looked up,