d place for noble children, and the relationships there are complicated.

Even though he was a king, Caesar IV had no choice but to constantly exchange blood for the city guards.
“This is a disaster report from various places. So far, thirteen provinces have requested tax reductions and exemptions and the allocation of disaster relief funds!”
The words of the Prime Minister, the Grand Duke of Newfoundland, pulled Caesar IV out of the power struggle.
The replacement can be carried out at any time, and no nobles will rebel in a short time, but the disaster is imminent.
After taking over the PR, the few thin pages seemed to be as heavy as weight.
Although there are only 13 companies requesting tax reductions and exemptions and allocating disaster relief funds, there are only a total of more than 20 provinces in the kingdom that need to pay taxes in full.
The rest is either completely tax-free or requires a nominal fee.
/What’s worse is that the thirteen provinces are mostly located in the central and southern parts of the kingdom and are the financial and taxation centers of the Alpha Kingdom.
If their taxes were really reduced, the kingdom would be in trouble.
In the agricultural era, governments around the world relied on taxation to a surprisingly high degree.
What can we use to fill the financial gap of tens of millions of gold coins?
Looking at the report carefully, Caesar IV was surprised to find that many royal leaders were also in the disaster area.
He vaguely remembered the official document sent by the palace minister a few days ago. I was just busy with personnel adjustments and didn’t deal with it in time.
To refuse directly would seem too unkind.
In the year of great disaster, the Royal Government did not show any expression, which is unjustifiable.
Promising is even more impossible!
Just reducing taxes will cause serious damage to the kingdom’s finances, let alone allocating disaster relief funds.
What’s more, the area affected by the disaster is so wide. If we agree to the requirements of these thirteen provinces, other provinces will probably follow suit.
/Such a capital hole might bring the kingdom’s finances to bankruptcy.
“Marquis Delgado, what do you think of this matter?”
Caesar IV asked the chancellor.
If it is not convenient for me to be a bad person, then I can only push the Minister of Finance to take the blame. Anyway, when money-related projects were rejected in the past, most of them were done by the Ministry of Finance.
The more times you offend people, the more people don’t care about it.
After all, everyone knows how bad the kingdom’s finances are.
“Your Majesty, this matter is still a bit complicated.
The scope of this disaster was so wide that it has rarely been seen in hundreds of years.
Logically speaking, the royal government should reduce taxes and provide help to local nobles.
Unfortunately, we don’t have the money now. We have more than enough ambition but not enough power! ”
Marquis Delgado declined politely.
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