mind, not his experience, not his courage.

At this time, both Hu Daozi and Xiao Meng were frightened to the extreme!
They wanted to struggle, but when they looked again, they clearly realized that the golden needles were penetrating into their body. At this moment, it was clear that their souls could actually feel the movements of their limbs. Even the slightest change occurred between the bones, but the power of spiritual thoughts could no longer control the physical body.
Their minds were imprisoned in their physical bodies.
Only the neck upwards were still under their control, but at this moment, the terror had reached the extreme of their minds, and even Hu Daozi no longer made a sharp voice.
Both of them were speechless.
Chu Weiyang hadn’t done anything yet, but everything in this situation had already begun to torture them like torture.
And just when they were deeply trapped in this boundless mental torture and unable to break free or extricate themselves.
In the same place, the figure was hidden in the darkness, and Chu Weiyang was also watching the two people.
The Taoist disciples of the Five Elements Sect seemed very unfamiliar. If you think about it carefully, the ones from the outer sea who had the most dealings with Chu Weiyang were probably the Taoist disciples of the Five Elements Sect.
Many people were defeated by Chu Weiyang, and more than one person even died in Chu Weiyang’s hands.
But Chu Weiyang recalled carefully that from the cocktail reception to the Dragon King’s banquet on Mirror Island, Chu Weiyang had never seen the figure of this person.
And more importantly, the Taoist techniques performed by this person were completely different from those of the Taoists of the Five Elements Sect that Chu Weiyang had seen earlier!
Five Elements Seal Script!
Chu Weiyang was not envious of the inheritance of the technique itself, but at this moment, facing the Five Elements Seal Technique itself, Chu Weiyang had many beautiful reveries.
It is known that the Supreme Earth Master’s “Wuji Seal Refining and Forging True Sutra of the Qiankun Furnace” focuses on using the Qiankun Dharma Furnace to smelt all seal scripts into one true seal! Especially after Chu Weiyang embarked on the path of Langhuan seal pattern, all the seal techniques he practiced were all valuable materials.
It is also known that the method used by this person is the supreme seal method of deducing the Five Elements, but no matter how supreme the method is, the seal method is still just a seal method.
Perhaps there has never been a monk of the Earth Master lineage in this world who has done such a thing with the “Forged True Scripture” and used the inheritance of casual cultivators to refine the supreme seal technique of the Great Sect!
Is it possible?
I think it should be feasible.
/It’s just that when the sages faced the Great Sect of the Holy Land, they had to keep a respectful distance. Even if they had similar ambitions in their minds, they had to use their minds as swords to kill them all.
However, Chu Weiyang had