“The elder made it clear and logical. After all, the children of Chunyu’s family are the most suspicious. However, the matter happened in Zhenmo Cave, and it is not easy for us in the Jieyun lineage to intervene directly. We should find Chunyu.” If Jiahe Tingchangshan wants to recover the spiritual objects, Elder Laoding will be there.”

After saying that, regardless of Elder Ding’s dumbfounded expression, Daozi turned around and walked in the other direction. After walking a few steps, Daozi seemed to remember something again.
“By the way, Elder Ding, the escaped prisoners should be recovered. The lives of ordinary scum actually don’t matter. If they were allowed to escape like this, we would not gain or lose the face of our sect.”
Speaking of this, Elder Ding finally came to his senses, and when he was about to speak, he saw Daozi waving his hand.
“Elder, don’t give it away.”
When the words fell, a ray of azure sword light appeared on the spot, wrapping the figure of the young Daozi. Suddenly it turned into a ray of light and soared into the sky!
When Elder Ding raised his hand, there was a bright blue sky behind the clouds, and Daozi’s figure was nowhere to be seen.
Among the vast mountains and fields, Chu Weiyang was trudging forward with a gradually difficult pace, carrying a basket on his back.
A sudden feast could not make Chu Weiyang strong quickly. On the contrary, due to the erosion of evil energy, Chu Weiyang was even more sick at this moment than before when he was trapped in the grotto.
He could feel the increasingly clear stagnant feeling of solidified lead and mercury coming from his limbs, and the slight tingling sensation brewing in his flesh and blood.
This feeling made Chu Weiyang understand that what Manager Ma said was probably true.
Whether it was an evaluation of Chu Weiyang’s physical condition or a “prophecy” that he would probably go crazy because of this.
It’s a pity that the messy memories of the beautiful world in his previous life are not of much help. The only things that Chu Weiyang can think about and chew on over and over again now are the words that Guo Dian and Manager Ma once said.
He was “greedy” and “hungry” and wanted to find more ideas from those few words.
After a moment, Chu Weiyang suddenly stopped and slammed the basket on the ground.
The considerable force jolted Ma Guanshi for a moment, causing him to wake up from his drowsiness.
Manager Ma was somewhat confused.
“Wrong? What’s wrong?”
Chu Weiyang’s empty eyes showed a rare strong emotion, and he held the edge of the basket excitedly.
“I ignored it, and so did you. We all ignored the role of the “Five Zangs and Food and Qi Essence”! When practicing this technique, Guo Dian once said that the people in Baihualou did not have true intentions and went astray. ”
“Whether it’s a wrong path or not, does this prove one thing? In fact, the difference in food and drink still has an impact on the effectiveness of the practice!”
/“Actually, today, I already have a similar subtle feeling. There is a big