Shang’s energy. When he looked again, he saw Uncle Shang’s figure standing there, with no trace of any injuries on his body.

Part of his three yuan was eliminated, but it allowed him to take a step forward on the road to return to truth.
Between an increase and a decrease, the difference is that Shang Bo’s own foundation has not been lost, but his cultivation Qi has become stronger due to the power of creation.
Kui Lao, who was standing next to him, saw all the changes in Uncle Shang’s energy in his eyes almost in a blink of an eye.
/It was as if he had absorbed some bad luck and misfortune from the person in front of him due to some kind of connection between qi and luck.
The hesitancy to speak for most of his life seems to have been used by Mr. Kui today.
But the moment when all the words came to his lips, it only turned into a long sigh in Kui Lao’s mind.
The moment the sigh fell, there was no need for the true fire of the sun to shine. Suddenly, a ray of demonic flames dropped from Kui Lao’s eyebrows. At the same time, it hit the demonic light and gilded gold displayed by Kui Lao himself. Among the divine flowers.
At this moment, the demon light, the gilded divine flower, the power of vitality and creation, and the wood-phase demonic aura, everything that Kui Lao has practiced in his life, were all “ignited” by that wisp of demon flame belonging to Kui Lao!
Kui Lao didn’t wait for Uncle Shang to use a little bloodletting to drain away his own heritage.
All the accumulation of a long life lies in this moment!
There is no slow, long-term battle, or the slow process of radiating one’s peak state.
Going forward, as the foundation is wasted, one’s own foundation will only wither one breath at a time. This moment will be the strongest moment from now on!
Without any hesitation or regret, after completely burning his foundation, Mr. Kui will use a truly bloody battle to take a step out of the barrier!
In an instant, it seemed as if a blazing heat wave was rushing towards Uncle Shang from where Kui Lao’s figure was!
As that one-sided advantage came to an abrupt end at this moment, Uncle Shang suddenly felt that a certain sense of relaxation in his causality also came to an abrupt end.
/The contagion of bad luck seems to have stopped, and because Kui Lao is burning himself and fighting for his life, it is flooding back again.
The clear situation suddenly led to extremely complicated changes at this moment, leading to extremely complicated directions.
In front of the hanging wall, the jade slips were held in the palm of the elder Zong’s hand along with the successive inheritances. The jade shavings fell from the fingers of the elder Zong and dispersed between the heaven and the earth. It was like jade dew transformed by the clear brilliance of jade. .
Even during this process of studying the Tao and enlightening the Dharma, Elder Zong closed his eyes in exhaustion for a long time.
Everyone understood that Elder Zong was sitting in the air in order to guard against the Nine Yuan Snail Saint who was