. Some of the thoughts that only come up briefly when expressing interest are all wandering unconsciously in the mind at this moment, and all of them surge into the ends of thoughts and thoughts in an instant.

Furthermore, due to the mutual interaction of divine energy, these thoughts themselves poured into Shi Yuting’s thoughts and thoughts without reservation.
Even when such aura is reflected in the Zijin Toad Palace from a distance, it is reflected in the two people’s already connected divine form and true spirit.
Almost subconsciously, Chu Weiyang’s hands had already disappeared into the wide plain robe, and under Xiao Yuluo’s looming gaze, Shi Yuting really fell into some kind of unbearable situation. Furthermore, after being affected by such a Taoist charm, the process of imprinting and memorizing those talismans and seal patterns became extremely difficult for Shi Yuting.
At a certain moment, Chu Weiyang also thought about giving up exploring first.
After all, this ancient boat is here. According to Chu Weiyang’s idea, his mind is disturbed, and when it is clear that he cannot heal it in a short time, it is best not to engage in things like enlightenment of Taoism. It is easy to get into trouble. If you are wrong, you will suffer from it.
But before the truth of divine magic could return, such thoughts were stopped by Shi Yuting just for a moment.
/She is a monk from Baihua Tower, and she practices the wonderful magic of Baihua Tower. There is no reason to shrink back because of the influence of such charm.
Shi Yuting wanted to persist.
And on such a matter that was not a big deal, Chu Weiyang also obeyed Shi Yuting’s tenacious mind and thoughts.
Even in the subsequent process of understanding and contemplating the seal patterns of various talismans and seals, Shi Yuting even let go of the guard in his thoughts and thoughts without any scruples, and actively welcomed the charming charm that penetrated people’s minds. .
If this dharma boat had an owner in the past, this approach would be tantamount to inviting death.
But at this moment, all the aura and charm on the ancient Dharma boat are pure manifestations of Taoism!
Shi Yuting had no way of understanding those ever-difficult talismans and seal patterns, but at this moment, with the penetration of those charms, Shi Yuting relied on his own Baihualou practice to refine his thoughts and ideas, Refine your spiritual thoughts and refine your Taoist heart!
In an instant, in the process of integrating with Chu Weiyang’s divine energy, the web of Taoism and Dharma intertwined with the silk threads of flowers that once disappeared appeared.
But when he first let go of his guard, Shi Yuting’s affected state was indeed aggravated.
Amidst the endless rise of desire, the true spirit and reason were almost like candles in the wind for a certain period of time. All thoughts during that period of time were touched by Chu Weiyang’s spiritual thoughts.
But fortunately, Shi Yuting’s persistence is effective.
In this process of actively connecting and refining