lusory world sealed in the sky above the Baoping River.

In the turbulent dim storm, even Chu Weiyang at this moment could only see a hazy outline, and within that outline, the light of Buddha, the light of Taoism, and the light of demons rotated alternately one after another.
That kind of rotation itself may have been very harmonious in the past, and they could be balanced by being involved in each other.
But as the dim and turbid current flows towards the space between heaven and earth, when I look at it again, the balance inside has already been broken.
Over a long period of time, the light of the Buddha has flourished, and the light of Taoism has to be like a complete Taoism, transforming from spirituality into a part of pure Tao and Dharma. This is not easy, and it is difficult to resist it.
And the crimson demonic light was crumbling in it, as if it was about to be extinguished.
The Hunmeng method is the inheritance of the Hunmeng method of Zhu Ming Huayang Heaven Realm.
“outside the world”
And at this time, some kind of hazy sound shined through the cracks into the world.
A thunderous sound that is truly like Hong Zhong Da Lu.
But from beginning to end, Chu Weiyang remained firm and motionless.
The Taoist even shook his head calmly.
“Monk, you are not a practitioner of Buddhism. You are a poor Taoist who has seen the true practice of Buddhism. You are far behind!”
“But I don’t know if your Buddhist teachings can save the world, but if your Taoist teachings can save you, monk!”
The moment Chu Weiyang’s words fell, and the cultivators were shocked by the aura revealed in the crack of the gray mirror, the Taoist’s broad sleeves swayed, and in an instant, endless lines of Langhuan seals appeared on this Revealed instantly.
Langhuan seal pattern of the highest level.
Almost instantly, Elder Zong’s eyes suddenly became brighter.
It was the “Forged Scripture” that he passed on to Chu Weiyang. But now it seems that in this Langhuan seal pattern, Zong Laoshang can only discern the charm of Taoism, but the essence of the talisman seal pattern contained in it , but the Pope can no longer understand it.
/That’s because the seal patterns are too sophisticated and mysterious, but the pope still yearns for some kind of resonance that comes from the same source as Taoism.
/Furthermore, the next moment, when the charm of Chu Weiyang’s unreserved Heavenly Master’s Taoism was revealed in these Langhuan seal patterns, the elder Zong’s eyes widened in an instant.
He had already seen the talisman array created by Chu Weiyang’s power of Sumeru and the way of Kanyu in the past. However, even the elder Zong had never thought that one day, he would be able to see Sumeru. The supreme dharma that combines with the two paths of Kan and Yu to become one!
Borrow the Dharma from the heaven and earth!
In an instant, along with the flourishing seal patterns, all the supreme Kanyu seal formations that Zong Lao Xuxu had laid out in the air around the gray mirror earlier were revealed.
Borrowing the power of heaven and earth,