declines of heaven and man. Through the ties of the seal patterns, through the With the collision of the more intuitive Taoist realm, it began to spread in the fastest way.

By the time Old Snail Saint finally came to his senses, this flash of opportunity had been completely lost!
In the flash of lightning, Old Snail Saint only had time to step into the torrent of spiritual light and quickly retreated.
That aura of disease contained a power that made him fearful!
He has been around for too long, so long that he is afraid that he will be contaminated by any death energy, which will cause a chain reaction.
“So brave”
In a flash of shock and anger, Luo Sheng suddenly disappeared from sight of the vast ocean area behind him.
In an instant, the overwhelming ocean lost its source of continuous support.
The aura of the plague was as strange as the appearance of the three Dharma signs. In the midst of the flash of lightning and stone fire, Old Luosheng did not dare to be negligent in the slightest. When he cut off the torrent of the ocean, Old Luosheng decisively Throw away all the spiritual light, pagoda seal patterns and magic power that are contaminated with the plague!
In an instant, the nine-fold conch shell pagoda will disappear and overlap with the figure of the conch saint. Along with the old conch saint’s spiritual thoughts, Peiran’s thoughts and thoughts will turn into invisible sharp blades, and they will start from there. At the level of cause and effect, cut off the foundation of all kinds of Taoism and everything that you have performed before!
But in the end, by the time Old Snail Sage wanted to do this again, it was already too late.
This is an outcome that is extremely unavoidable when the moment of opportunity is lost.
/boom! boom!
Two violent explosion sounds resounded loudly from this whirlpool of bright yellow spiritual light.
When I looked again, all the rust seemed to have faded away. At first, it was pure gilded divine flower rising into the sky! Immediately afterwards, in the scorching bright light, pure, simple, and ancient five-color spiritual light flowed.
/The poisonous energy of the five aggregates appeared in Old Luo Sheng’s field of vision with unprecedented majesty. Suddenly, it became everything in the bright light and the bright light itself.
From beginning to end, Old Snail Saint didn’t even understand what kind of existence he was fighting.
In this flash, with the two almost overlapping, what exploded suddenly was the golden body of the Dharma that was originally melted by Chu Weiyang and represented Dao Tongzi and Dao Hengzi.
Even though it has been destroyed and alienated by the poisonous energy of the five aggregates, it has become what it is now, but also because of the bathing of the gilded divine flower, in the outline of its majestic body, the original “Taoist Picture” The majestic meaning of “Dao Heng Tu” still runs through it.
Even because of the alienation and loss of control caused by the poisonous energy of the five aggregates, the characteristics of a certai