harma were melted down one after another, as well as the nourishment of the blood and energy of the tribes in the outer sea, as well as the nourishment of the old snail spirit, spirit, and even the origin of the Tao and Fruit. The poisonous and evil energy of these five aggregates, from the quality of Gaozhuo and the thick and powerful itself have already reached far away from the Wuyun Tianluo Umbrella itself, which is still a magic weapon.

The treasure weapon has a spirit. At this flashing moment, the magic umbrella almost fell over impatiently!
At the same time, dark golden spiritual light burst out from the Taiyin Shaping Xuan coffin that was constantly buzzing and vibrating!
/That is the supreme power that directly points to the essence of the Jindan realm. At this moment, with the support of this power, the Taiyin Refining Xuan Coffin swallows all the prosperous poisonous energy of the five yin into the Xuan coffin!
At first, the poisonous and evil energy of the five aggregates could still be seen churning inside the mysterious coffin made of ink jade, but such poisonous and evil energy of the five aggregates seemed to have angered the coffin of the mysterious coffin.
Those are traces of Chu Weiyang’s own feelings engraved on them during the process of recording the classics.
Everything you see is Lang Huan seal pattern.
The supreme meaning inspired the power of the Taiyin Refining Mysterious Coffin from another level of Tao and Dharma. In an instant, the dark golden aura flourished. When I looked at it suddenly, it seemed to be some kind of gilded divine flower. Under the constraints of two complete sets of talismans and seal patterns, ancient and modern, the dark golden spiritual light suddenly flourished, turning into invisible and formless fireworks, wrapping the mysterious coffin in it.
When I looked again, gradually, in the formless and twisted fireworks, the five-color aura gradually disappeared, and finally I was immersed in the transformation of the essence of the mysterious coffin. Every time the five-color aura dimmed, it meant The evil energy of Taiyin in the mysterious coffin was transformed by one point more.
The taiyin is refined with the poisonous and evil energy of the five aggregates, and the spirit and form are refined with the taiyin, all of which are wonderful.
This is Chu Weiyang’s idea of ????opening the door to the golden elixir!
But just when Chu Weiyang’s thoughts had followed the precious light, Qi Feiqiong, who was moved and moved, suddenly gently shook Chu Weiyang’s arm.
“The master’s idea is naturally the best, but we sisters are new to this true path. We need someone to guide us through it all the way. Only then can we see the profound and fundamental mysteries of this path. With the sense of touch, only in this way can we say that it is the thoroughfare of the road. To achieve this step, we still need the master to teach the Dharma a lot.”
Perhaps because of the previous experience in the disaster, even Chu Weiyang never thought that Qi Feiqiong and Yun Han would get