key points he wants to say when he enters this palace. “

Naturally, there is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to spiritual practice. He listened and asked questions, and Chu Weiyang answered them naturally.
“I came here to find the Yuzhi Slave to join the Three Elements and practice Taoism.”
Hearing this, the smile on Chun Yuzhi’s face became even stronger, but after all, he was somewhat concerned about the Tao and the Dharma.
“I think my husband has also felt something? The ancient books of the sages have never put down the actual practice of divine realm practice in words, but once you stop in this realm, the pass here becomes self-evident. The magical fruit tree rotates and changes, and all the Qi accumulation and nourishment are indispensable, and the other Qi are indispensable. It’s easy to get, but spiritual charm needs to be cultivated naturally. Unless there are Taoist companions to join in the three elements to help each other, we can only use the sun and moon to endure hardships.
It is precisely because of this that, in fact, since I entered the divine realm, I have always been sitting in the Taoist palace, waiting for my husband’s figure to fall! ”
Just saying this, Chun Yuzhi’s figure almost overlapped with Yun Han.
Rarely, Chu Weiyang also showed some hesitation on his face.
/“But Yuzhi slave, are these two different things?”
Hearing this, Chun Yuzhi looked at Chu Weiyang in surprise.
“How can they be two things? This is obviously the same thing!”
The Taoist raised his eyebrows and asked in confusion.
“One thing? How is it one thing?”
“Husband, you see, joining the three elements and cultivating Taoism with your Taoist companion is one thing for me, one thing for junior sister Yunhan, and one thing for senior brother. In this way Getting together is just the same thing.”
When he heard this, Chu Weiyang nodded repeatedly as if he understood.
“Well, Xu Zhinu said this, and it makes sense! It makes sense!”
When he heard this, Chu Weiyang turned his head and looked at Yun Han beside him.
It’s strange to say that the Taoist had never had such thoughts in the past, but after Chun Yuzhi said it, seeing De Yunhan’s cold and lonely expression when he saw her again, he really wanted to ‘bully’ her.
“Where’s Junior Sister Yunhan? What do you think?”
When he heard this, Yun Han, who had almost half of his body hidden in the broad red robe, raised his head proudly like the fairy of the Xuan family when Chu Weiyang had just met in the past.
“How can I see this? I have fallen into a demon cultivator’s cave and been controlled by a demon cultivator in the divine realm. It is difficult for me to resist. The situation is not as good as a human being. How can I see it? What can I see? ”
Well, from this point of view, Junior Sister Yunhan’s entire focus has not been placed on the comprehension of Tao and Dharma.
The next day, in the Lingfu Cave Sky, the sky was full of brilliant thunder sounds that penetrated the three realms. Suddenly, a jade slip was evolving in the virtual and real world, car