niverse is showing its true dead essence towards Chu Weiyang with all its phenomena.

And it was at this moment that Chu Weiyang seemed to have an insight into the deathly silence of all phenomena. At this moment, Chu Weiyang also “sees” the deathly silence of the world.
It seems that as his body is revealed, he is swallowing and refining the solitary Wanxiang Dao Dharma Sutra, as well as the ashes and dust whirling and swirling in the jade furnace beside him.
In this moment, some kind of change caused by the revelation of living beings was born between heaven and earth.
The next moment, Chu Weiyang looked towards the desolate and boundless center.
Across the vast hills and mountains of white bones, Chu Weiyang looked towards the center of the ancient world that shone with a faint jade light.
At this moment, Chu Weiyang could clearly realize that it was his body’s appearance that caused this jade light to emerge.
However, from beginning to end, Chu Weiyang never felt the process of change, as if the jade light was actually hanging there forever, but when he didn’t look at it, it was nothing, and when he looked at it, it was something.
And with Chu Weiyang’s gaze at this moment, in the faint jade light that stood among the ashes and bones, a dry ancient tree connecting the heaven and the earth appeared in the darkness and silence torn apart by the jade light. middle.
The Taoist can clearly realize that this dry ancient tree truly supports the concept of heaven and earth. Even when its majestic crown is lush and leafy, it probably places an entire world in the ancient sea at the center of the ancient world. An area as vast as the sky is covered by the canopy of trees.
But now, all the trees are covered with dead branches.
/And under such dry ancient trees, on the slightly flat dark ground made of the same powder, the same ashes and dust, there are countless figures of bones sitting in groups, like a series of prayer buildings. It’s similar, standing under the old dry trees.
And wandering between the canopy of the dry ancient tree and the skeletal figure that resembled a sutra pillar was the so-called “jade flower” that truly reflected in Chu Weiyang’s eyes.
In fact, there is no jade light, it is the glow formed by the faint spiritual light of the true spirit, which are connected together at this moment.
/That was what Chu Weiyang had been confused about earlier, the true spirit that did not exist among the Yin spirits and bones.
It is full of soul dreams, and it is the real reason for the establishment of the land of nothingness.
“It is difficult for a ghost spirit of all calamities to become a saint.”
At this moment, under the light of the vast sea of ????stars formed by the gathering of souls and true spirits, in fact, in such emotion, Chu Weiyang was looking at the dry ancient tree for a long time.
At first, Chu Weiyang was a little afraid to confirm.
But when Chu Weiyang truly felt the interweaving and resonance between the Wushuan True Spirit and the ancient tree, and then through the interweaving