ight spots in Lu Bei’s eyes. At a glance, it felt like they were all public faces carved out of the same mold.

The level of strength is also average. From the Dzogchen of the Void Refining Realm to the early stage of integration, he may have unique skills, but he is not very powerful. He can only go with him when he goes to the Holy Land of the Human Race.
The children of the Zhu family looked at Lu Bei carefully, without saying anything, but with more or less longing in their eyes. In terms of age, they are more than four times older than Lu Bei. In terms of strength, Lu Bei is what the elders call other people’s children. They only have long heads just to show their height, and they are all stupid.
/Especially in the battle of Beijun Mountain, Lu Bei defeated three great elders in a row, causing the Emperor Ji Sect to lose all face. Their ears were almost calloused by this story. Whenever the elders encounter something that doesn’t go well with them, they will tell them in front of them and scold them in person.
The lines are all the same. Look at Lu Bei, who is still a child and can beat the elder of the Emperor’s Sect. Look at you, you are really embarrassed to look in the mirror and go practice.
Fortunately, the painful days did not last long. After Lu Bei forced his way into the Everlasting Mountain and Seizing Heaven Sword Peak moved to Yuezhou, their elders seldom made trouble against Lu Bei.
/There is no comparison, saying so will only increase the pressure on the juniors.
The four Zhu family disciples were full of admiration, but not one jumped out to provoke them, which made Lu Bei very disappointed. He also expected the young people to be ignorant of the sky and the earth, and two thorns jumped out of the grass to step on him and become famous in a battle, but in the end, they were all more mature than him.
It’s boring, young people today are not arrogant at all.
Just as he was sighing, he suddenly saw a familiar cheering gesture in a familiar corner.
Apparently, there’s someone familiar behind the wall.
Lu Bei’s eyes twitched, and he patted Zhu Qilan on the shoulder, telling her to stay here and not move around, while he went to meet a friend.
“Why is it you again, the Xiwang lineage was invited to retire in the capital, and the land and real estate belong to you?” Lu Bei squatted in the corner, put his arms around each other skillfully, and complained speechlessly.
“What are you talking about? The Holy Land of the Human Race is far away in the Kunlun Mountains. With so many young people coming out of Wuzhou, it is natural to send an elder with outstanding strength to watch over it.” Zhu Xiushi explained.
Although the trip to the Holy Land of the Human Race is a major event that all countries are vying to participate in, no one dares to interfere with it, but it is impossible for anyone to miss it. A powerful bodyguard is indispensable for intercepting the rising stars of neighboring countries on the way.
During this trip, she was responsible for protecting the safety of the rookies, making