uld finish digesting what he just said, he quickly asked again:

“Mr. Azik, do you know that anchors are used by gods and angels to fix themselves and not be dragged down by the out-of-control tendencies and crazy nature of extraordinary characteristics?”
“I know.” Azik looked away and nodded.
Klein was not too sure, but said in a rather firm tone:
“Perhaps, the new life you start when you lose your memory again and again is your anchor against madness and loss of control.”
Don’t throw them away, don’t forget them, that’s what you said. Klein added silently in his heart.
“Anchor” Azik repeated the word, looking like he was thinking and confused.
I don’t know how long it took, but he suddenly sighed and said:
“This may be an explanation, which at least makes the division and conflict in my soul less intense.
“However, now that I have come here, I still have to go to the depths of the mausoleum to see what is hidden there, why it is calling me, and what caused me to die and be resurrected again and again, and to lose my memory and gradually regain it.
“This has troubled me for more than a thousand years, and troubled me again and again in my life, and I think I should get an answer today.”
His eyes became clearer little by little, and his tone seemed gentle but had an indescribable firmness.
Klein wanted to stop him, but after opening his mouth, he pursed it again.
Azik pressed the half-high silk hat on his head, without turning his head, and said with a gentle smile:
“Remember to close your eyes.”
After saying that, he walked forward, along the stairs, towards the depths of the dark mausoleum.
The black mist that filled the place no longer breathed, and slowly spread to the surroundings, and the illusory things entrenched at the bottom emerged bit by bit.
It was a feathered serpent so huge that it seemed to occupy an island.
It has huge scales that are dark green and black, and feathers stained with light butter grow out from the gaps. On each feather, there are illusory black thin tubes extending out.
This exaggerated feathered serpent is both illusory and real. Its more specific shape is difficult to describe, and it seems to have a composition that humans cannot understand.
Its eye sockets burned with pale fire, its face was a human face
The face has a bronze complexion, soft features, and a small black mole under the right ear. He is just like another Azik Eggers.
/When he saw the feathered snake entrenched in the depths of the black mist and the face at the top of its mountain-like body, Azik was startled for a moment, and then his forehead twitched, as if someone had driven a wedge into his temple and cut off part of his head. Became two halves.
In this severe pain, incoherent pictures suddenly popped up in his mind:
The face of the couatl looks exactly like him, even down to the smallest features;
A silent land, countless pale corpses;
Floating in mid-air, clouds formed by piled skulls of different races;
Dark knotted tentacles emerged from the ground, with dead fish-like eyes at the t