that had been settled at that time and the coffin was finalized. Things went round and round again later, and this sutra fell into the hands of my lineage again. “

When he heard this, Chu Weiyang was already in a state of excitement, sighing at the unpredictability of the power of cause and effect.
After Zuo Yan finished speaking, Chu Weiyang had already put his hand on the jade slip in almost an instant, and then he felt that he was too eager, so he slowly put the jade slip into his sleeve robe. middle.
Regardless of whether there is a cause and effect of the grace of not killing, this Panwang Sect’s scriptures, in front of him, the leader of this generation, there is no reason to be exiled!
Furthermore, compared with those years ago, it was no longer the time when the Holy Sect was at its peak. Such evil ways were already the only way for Chu Weiyang to fight the silt Zhuosha to save his life.
/What about the evil way? Being able to practice the practice of refining evil spirits is the best way to do good!
/After doing this, Chu Weiyang smiled.
Hearing this, Zuo Yanfu flipped his hand again, and then placed a rusty bronze block the size of a fist in front of Chu Weiyang.
For the sake of practice, after returning to Daocheng, junior brother, I plan to make some articles based on what Brother Dao and Elder Fan of the Shenxiao Sect said that day. Naturally, I am talking to Brother Dao now so that I can resolve the cause and effect with Brother Dao in advance before things happen. Please accept it as a small gift! ”
This time, Chu Weiyang did not immediately take over the rusty bronze block on the table, even though he had already felt some faint and faint ghostly wind from it, and understood that this should be a A very high-grade Yinming treasure material.
After all, this matter is not only related to the conclusion of the causal relationship between Chu Weiyang and Zuo Yan, but also related to Chu Weiyang’s enlightenment event that everyone is almost certain of although he does not know it clearly.
The only people Chu Weiyang knew who were tempted by this were Mr. Fan from the Shenxiao Sect and many elders from the Dan Sect.
If something goes wrong and someone’s great cause of enlightenment is affected, what does this conclusion mean? Revenge for blocking the road? When the time comes, I’m afraid people will feel that it’s not enough even if you sacrifice your life!
But deep down in his heart, Chu Weiyang also thought that there would be someone who could take his place and publicize this incident, so that most eyes would not always fall on him.
Last time, Xie Jiangduo, the teacher at Baopingjiang River, took a look and saw the traces of the sword, which implicated many things behind. If there were more twists and turns, Chu Weiyang would be able to cover up every fundamental leak. go.
Moreover, before saying goodbye to Xie Chengqiong, she had already said that the matter was over and there was no harm in spreading the word.
Thinking about this, Chu Weiyang suddenly felt as if a scapegoat had been dump