hen he was thinking about these things that Chu Weiyang suddenly became more and more disgusted, and even the good mood he had just had disappeared. He suddenly flicked his sleeves and robe, and then his figure completely disappeared into the darkness. Don’t pay attention to these people anymore.

Leaning quietly on the spot, he was afraid that there might be some energy fluctuations that could be sensed by the great demon incarnation and the great monk of the golden elixir that might exist in the distance. For a long time, Chu Weiyang was not only practicing the law, but also carrying it by himself. Kanli’s meditation practice has never been carried out.
In such a critical moment, Chu Weiyang would rather go slower and be safer than take any risks.
In this way, such a long time passed, and Chu Weiyang just leaned on the boulder and looked at the dark sky through the gap, but he never saw anything from the beginning to the end.
It only lasted a whole day, and the roaring thunder sounded one after another.
At first, it sounded like it was in the distant sky, and later, it seemed like it was passing in a crooked circle across the sky. When it was closest, the sound of the clashing thunder seemed to come straight from the sky above everyone’s heads. Falling straight down.
At that time, just the roaring sound of thunder was enough to make Chu Weiyang’s mind feel frightened with boundless trembling. This was something he could not guess and had never witnessed the realm of Gaomiao. Only the relationship between them The aftertaste of the attack and its violence were still beyond Chu Weiyang’s thoughts and ideas.
Suddenly, I realized how far away the heaven and earth are and how vast the world is.
So, after a long time passed, the continuous roar of thunder quietly faded away again and again, until finally, even the thunder that originally struck like a bell was no longer heard.
Perhaps the unforeseeable and brutal fighting has come to an end. Perhaps it is difficult to tell the difference between life and death in such a high-level attack in a flash. Such a long-term fighting must be measured in days and nights.
On the spot, Chu Weiyang was very cautious and did not start his own practice. He was even more careful to hide his body in the corner of the stone room and the deepest part of the dark curtain.
/Then Chu Weiyang took out the medicinal soup that he had brewed earlier and taught the cultivators to drink it to replenish the power of the demon veins.
For the Blood Demon Dao monks, this is no different from meditating and practicing. Therefore, the leakage of energy fluctuations is almost inevitable.
/Even because of the poor quality of the Blood Demon Dao practice itself, the changes in Qi fluctuations after the cultivators swallowed the medicinal decoction were even more violent than the ordinary meditation practice.
At the same time, Chu Weiyang stood at the edge of the passage leading to the underground river. If anything went wrong, he planned to jump into the underground river to avoid the killing mov