is the large mess, which is the broken roots of the trees. , is the soil that has been lifted up repeatedly, and the broken roots that have been rolled out from the inside.

There is no longer the secluded scene from earlier.
Sighing in silence, Chu Weiyang waved his hand behind him, and a gray-black light fell from his sleeves and swung towards the eyebrows of the five people. The next moment, the expression on his face was dull. All five people walked out of the cabin and stood stiffly and mechanically at the bow of the boat. Then they lined up and jumped off the bow of the boat one after another, stepping on the soft sand and walking towards the distant island.
On the spot, Chu Weiyang waved again and put the Dharma boat away, and then it landed tightly behind the five people.
/It’s been like this for a long time.
When he reached the foot of the undulating mountains, Chu Weiyang squinted his eyes again, reflecting each other with the islands and mountains in his mind’s memory.
Nowadays, many of the original traces of ruggedness on the mountains have disappeared, except that there are much more gravels around than in the past. But Chu Weiyang thought about it, and the mountains he could see were different from those in the past. Generally the same, no surprising changes.
Seeing this, Chu Weiyang secretly breathed a sigh of relief. The ancient cave is hidden in the mountains. As long as the mountain topography has not changed much, the mighty waves that hit it have not affected the inside.
Thinking of this, Chu Weiyang suddenly thought that when he first came here, he had been confused by the magic circle hidden here by Baihua Tower, and he had not been able to find the location of the cave for a long time.
Now that I think about it, the sophistication of the formation almost blends into the natural scenery on the island, and it is especially good at teaching people to hide their bodies.
So, Chu Weiyang stopped where he was, thinking slowly, and then at a certain moment, a magic seal suddenly shot out and fell to a certain place in the mountains.
In an instant, amid a faint buzzing sound, a slightly dim light shone from a certain hole in the mountain.
This change seemed to be an introduction. Following the bright light of the jade talisman, the same dim light emerged from the mountains one after another.
And every detail of such changes was revealed in Chu Weiyang’s field of vision.
Not to mention that Chu Weiyang has already shown his talent in the way of Talisman Arrays, but Chun Yuzhi, a master of Talisman Arrays, had already seen the Baihua Tower Talisman Array thoroughly when he came back last time. With familiarity.
At this moment, in my mind, the clear voice seemed like a cool stream flowing slowly, gradually overlapping and merging with Chu Weiyang’s voice.
Finally, Chu Weiyang’s eyes fell on certain places in the mountains.
There is nothing in some places, but according to the talisman formation, there should be a jade talisman sealing it there; in some places there is a dim light hole, but a