ation collapses like a tortoise shell;

The five-color long sword dispersed its divine light, and the blue-light sword loyally protected its master and collapsed;
Body armor, collapse
Invisible pressure was released. At this moment, the air was so thick that it was difficult to breathe. The already devastated Jianfeng Mountain Range was rapidly sinking downwards amidst the loud explosions.
As the fist pointed, the clouds in the sky split and thinned, the earth sank into ravines, and the sword peaks that blocked the road collapsed until no trace could be found. They spread all the way out, and everything collapsed and disappeared.
/The sonic air flow roared, and the air waves exploded like cannons. The aftermath spread, and the sword peaks towering in the distance overturned on both sides, and countless gravel smashed into the surroundings like cannonballs.
Only the mountain pillar where Hu San and Mu Jiling were standing still existed, but it was already groaning and teetering on the verge of collapse at any time.
Hold your fist.
The world is quiet.
Lu Bei slowly fell from the sky and landed in a sunken hole. Looking at the thirty-meter-wide ravine spreading straight into the distance, he felt like he couldn’t bear it.
The mana drain is too severe.
Although Taifu’s opportunity is delicious, the sword cultivation method is based on the pursuit of absolute destructive power.
To put it bluntly, it means being stubborn and hitting the south wall. The head and the wall must be broken today, and there is no possibility of turning back.
Feedback to the data stream means that only strength and speed are added, without spirit and endurance. As a result, he holds a big killer weapon, and his cultivation and mana seriously cannot keep up with the skill consumption.
It’s obviously a flat A, but you have to use it sparingly.
The evaluation is seriously biased, and it is indeed correct.
boom! ! !
Green light burst out, and Lu Lianwu rushed out of the ruins with a broken sword in his hand. Most of his muscles and bones were broken, and his clothes were stained with blood. He was in a miserable state.
Only one of his hands was intact, and he waved his sword and pointed at Lu Bei, his eyes full of shock and confusion.
“Sword Intent?!”
Regardless of his injuries, Lu Lianwu looked at Lu Bei in disbelief: “This is Changchong Sword Intention, one of the Nine Immortal Swords, the supreme secret skill of Lingxiao Sword Sect. Where did you steal it?”
Senior sister’s belt.
/There may be instructions from the wife of the head of the Lingxiao Sword Sect. To be an enemy of me is to be an enemy to the entire Bagua Party + Fishing Party of the Lingxiao Sword Sect, and to bring about self-destruction like the head of the Lingxiao Sword Sect. I ask you if you are afraid!
Lu Bei curled his lips and explained: “I have a relationship with the head of Lingxiao Sword Sect Lin. He saw that I was born with sword bones and was a good material for practicing swordsmanship. He cried and begged me to go back to the mountain with hi