u Bei found the reason, asked his conscience, and won the killing experience.

On the other side, the zombie gravekeeper who was clawed by Lu Bei in return was miserable. His right arm was completely broken at the root. The hot golden blood fell to the ground and turned into a scorching river, igniting a fire that ordinary rain could not extinguish. Sea of ??fire.
As a zombie, he is still a very high-level zombie. While his physical defense is amazing, he also has the disadvantage of being difficult to heal himself.
All the talents are for rough skin and thick flesh, but because they are not used, the self-healing properties are not improved at all.
The good news is that with quick eyesight and quick hands, he snatched away the broken limb, swallowed it and hid it in his belly, waiting to escape from here and find a quiet corner to pick it up.
The question is, how to escape?
/The zombie gravekeeper looked solemn, feeling sorry for every drop of golden blood. He kept drinking it into his mouth, producing and selling it for himself, and at the same time, he saw Yan Xiaoshuang standing in the distance from the corner of his eye.
If you want to make a comeback in this battle, this girl is the key!
It was clear that Lu Bei’s strength suddenly increased sharply, just because he was touched a few times by Yan Xiaoshuang.
He didn’t ask for being touched a few times, thinking that by swallowing the blood of a Mahayana woman with white and tender skin, he might be able to follow the memory in the blood and find a way to crack the explosion of Lu Bei’s strength.
Lu Bei stepped sideways, blocking the tombkeeper’s view: “Looking at your skill, I guess you are not an unknown person. Tell me your name. I will not kill an unknown person with the sharp sword in my hand.”
The tombkeeper said nothing, his dead heart that had been silent for many years was beating loudly, and golden blood spurted out from the broken arm.
As for him, he was bathed in golden aura, and his violent aura was like a wild beast, without any sense at all.
“Ho ho ho”
The void exploded, and the earth, fire, water, and wind swept forward wildly.
Lu Bei’s eyes flashed with golden light, and he ducked to fight with the one-armed tombkeeper. He was clad in golden flames, and the immortal sword body that had been tempered for thousands of years took another step forward.
The two of them fought faster and faster, missing thousands of moves in the blink of an eye.
The explosive power of the Tomb Keeper’s powerful attack obviously lacked stamina. In terms of endurance, he was stunned by Lu Bei. In the first five hundred times of the fight, he was able to respond to the beatings while being beaten. After three hundred moves, he was only beaten. .
Occasionally turn over and change sides to maintain even expansion throughout the body.
boom! ! !
The black and white swimming fish rotated, and the scorching white sword light flashed, powerfully striking the end of the darkness.
/Lu Bei punched through the air, and penetrated the tombkeeper’s chest up to his w