rem.” Liu Changan was slightly confused.

“This is the interesting part.” Su Nanxiu’s joking smile was a little dark. “When it is officially launched, it will think that it has come to a strange world. It will miss “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” and “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”. “The world in “It will also miss Guo Jing, Guo Xiang, Guo Fu and Guo Polu. If you want to have a relationship with it, you must get its heart, instead of using it casually like a sex doll.”
“Get its heart?” Liu Changan finally understood what “professional” meant.
“Yes. Just like some GAL games, it has a favorability system. What you have to do is to make it gradually forget about Guo Jing, harvest its favorability, and slowly gain its favorability during the interaction with it. Only then will it be willing to have sex with you.” Su Nanxiu opened the hatch and tugged on “Huang Rong’s” belt, revealing its beautiful body that would make men desire even though it knew it was a dummy, “If you are If you do something like this in the first place, it will rub off on you and make it more difficult.”
“You just turned those love games into a robot, right? Others use consoles, handheld computers and other installed game clients to play, but you play directly with this robot!” Liu Changan admired Su Nanxiu’s unbridled imagination. Imagination comes second, the key is that she can do it!
There are so many technological products that humans can think of, but very few of them can be realized.
“There are similar places, but Huang Rong is still a little different. It has the ability to learn, and it is not like the games you mentioned, which are just changes in a few branch plots at most. When it interacts with you, there will be things you can’t do. The anticipated changes are its greatest charm.” Su Nanxiu’s fingers pulled the belt of “Huang Rong” and slowly turned it, her eyes moved, half-smiling, “Do you want to try to interact with it?”
Liu Changan was a little hesitant, but he just wanted to see the human-machine interaction performance of this robot, rather than being interested in using it.
/“I have no interest in accumulating a robot’s favorability towards me.” Liu Changan still shook his head.
“The difference between it and real people is its charm. It’s harder to guess the thoughts of real people, which far exceeds the performance of robots. At least with this robot, if you treat it well, you can gradually gain full favorability, unlike some other robots. Man, you treat him well, but he doesn’t take it seriously at all, and even thinks that you want to plot against him.” Su Nanxiu’s eyes lightly nodded at Liu Chang’an, and then turned away as if nothing had happened.
“Have you plotted against me too many times?” Liu Changan did not care about her forgetfulness, and still had a faint smile on his face, “There were many people who plotted against me in the past, but you are the only one who is still alive now.”
Standing in front of him today, Su Nanxiu thought about these things again, but she didn’t know how she felt. She wanted