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“It’s still growing rapidly. There will be a cheerleading competition in the school in a while. Our college’s cheerleading team ranks very high, and its popularity should increase a lot.” Liu Heyang is actually a little conflicted. She personally does not want An Nuan to join the cheerleading team. But in the long run, when An Nuan trains well, it will also be very beneficial to the college cheerleading team. Even if he is selected for the school team, Liu Heyang will have another partner in the school team.
In groups composed of girls, various cliques and intrigues are common. This is also a natural and objective phenomenon.
“Sorry, I’m really not interested.” An Nuan shook her head, “Sorry, you can find someone else.”
An Nuan was about to leave. Zhang Shilong wanted to say something else. In the quiet venue, he suddenly heard the sound of a ball hitting the floor, and then a volleyball flew toward An Nuan with a whistling sound. Zhang Shilong and Liu Heyang’s Location.
The girl jumped high almost instinctively. She had always jumped to such a height before, jumping countless times, and then slammed the ball back countless times under the seriousness of her teammates and opponents, and then returned to her position, preparing for the next move. An offense and a defense.
An Nuan, who landed steadily, looked at her palms and looked ahead. It was Liu Changan who caught the volleyball that she had slapped back, spinning it in his hand and looking at her with a smile.
“I only like volleyball, I have no interest in cheerleading at all.” An Nuan said to Zhang Shilong, putting his hands in his pockets and walking closer to Liu Changan.
Liu Changan swatted the ball over.
An Nuan held his hands and put the ball back.
/Liu Changan returned with the ball and started playing with An Nuan.
After the intermission, class started. An Nuan gave Liu Changan a still angry look and swatted the volleyball towards Liu Changan.
Liu Changan caught the ball and was about to return it when Zhang Shilong and Liu Heyang came over and called out to Liu Changan.
“I’m not interested in joining the cheerleading team either,” Liu Changan said.
Zhang Shilong’s cheek muscles twitched. In fact, the proportion of boys in the college cheerleading team is lower than that of boys in aerobics classes, but who cares?
“Classmate, you should be An Nuan’s friend, right? Can you help persuade An Nuan? She is very suitable, and we also need seeds like her.” Liu Heyang actually knew Zhang Shilong’s true intention, and she had not heard of it. Zhang Shilong joked that “cheerleaders” are the harem of the Ministry of Sports.
“When we watch American TV series or movies, we often see that the core figure of the team and the cheerleader are the two most popular people in the school. They are also a couple. However, the cultural environment is different. Even if An Nuan joins the cheerleading team, you will not Opportunity.” Liu Changan was not interested in beating around the bush, or waiting until someone really provoked him to respo