essing table.

She used to be like this, so cute.
The old man closed his eyes, tears streaming down his face, and held his young hand tightly.
/It is always easy to think of Zhu Shuzhen’s poems, probably because Su Mei is very similar to Zhu Shuzhen in some places.
Zhu Shuzhen married an official who was good at maneuvering but did not understand the charm. Throughout the ages, most talented people were romantic and sentimental. For women, it is inevitable to feel helpless and heartache, but there is nothing they can do about it. How many people dare to learn the secrets of fish? What’s more, after Yu Xuan came to the Taoist temple, he had to suffer half his life with nowhere to explain.
However, some talented women, not to mention a talented woman like Zhu Shuzhen, will inevitably have some expectations for their husbands. If they do not seek to be better at poetry, at least they should not let her lament that “gulls, herons and mandarin ducks make a pond”, for her husband Definitely dissatisfied.
Is Su Mei satisfied with her marriage? Liu Changan had no way of knowing. He only remembered that the young master of the Zhu family was dull and shy by nature, and was good at Western science and engineering, while Su Mei loved business more. He still remembered that a gift she gave him turned out to be her favorite one. Normal sized gold abacus.
/The Zhu family’s current situation is probably inseparable from Su Mei’s painstaking efforts. The decision to come to Taiwan was also the traditional habit of aristocratic families to spread their branches and develop on multiple fronts. Some people lamented that there is no longer a wealthy family in China. Being regarded as landlords and banished to the mortal world, in fact, as long as you search for information, you will know that there have been more and more people since the late Song Dynasty, including the late Ming Dynasty, the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China. Many aristocratic families kept some in the country and some went overseas. In short, no matter what the domestic situation is, they will always leave a legacy to pass on.
The simplest thing is to look up the whereabouts of the eldest ladies of the Republic of China.
If there is no more in the country, then there will be no more. Why do we need these? China does not need nobility, and the Chinese have their own nobility.
“Master Ye, I am Xiaocui!”
The old man patted Liu Changan’s hand hard, tears streaming down his face, and he felt so sad.
Liu Changan felt that his palms were a little stiff, and beauty aged easily. How many traces of the unrivaled elegance in his memory could still remain on the face of an old man who was over a hundred years old?
Xiao Cui? Su Mei has never been called Xiaocui. This name is usually only used by daughters or servants from small families.
Where can I find Miss Su named Xiaocui?
He found the wrong person, and actually recognized the wrong person, thinking that he had crossed the mountains and the sea to see her as the beauty of the past.
“Master Ye, I am Miss