. Sister Lan would make the porridge then.

In the cold and humid winter in the south, drinking a bowl of good nutritious porridge can keep you warm all day long. The crab shell of the king crab is rich in oil. The rice is soaked in the extracted oil, and then the whole crab is used. The tender meat is ground up and supplemented with other ingredients. After cooking, there is no other meat except the rice grains. It is like a porridge with only white rice, but the meat is sweet and delicious in the mouth, and the taste is excellent. Even a little fairy like Zhu Juntang can drink a whole bowl at one time instead of just two or three spoons as usual.
“I’m so full. What are you going to do?” Zhu Juntang saw Qin Yanan and Liu Changan both getting up.
“I have to go to the office in the afternoon.” Qin Yanan actually had nothing important to do.
“You go to class in the afternoon.” Liu Changan said to Zhu Juntang, “You have been doing better recently. I am thinking that next time you may not only be grounded, but your mother will invent some new punishment sooner or later.”
“Is there a conspiracy when you are so kind to remind me?” Zhu Juntang looked at Liu Changan suspiciously, his eyes turning around, thinking that there must be a conspiracy.
“Pretend I didn’t say anything.” Liu Changan simply sat down, “Come on, come on, everyone, don’t go to school, let’s play cards.”
“Play cards, play cards!” Zhu Juntang greeted Qin Yanan. As long as he doesn’t go to class, anything he does is more fun.
“Okay.” Qin Yanan looked at the time and sent a message to Yu Gen, asking him to help fill out the form and invite him to tea next time.
As for when the next tea will be, of course there is no fixed schedule. The schedules of goddess-level girls are very full. Maybe the next tea will be a small gift for him, probably somewhere in Europe. The old items bought in the very literary and artistic shops in the town are quite good, aren’t they?
Of course, Qin Yanan asked Yu Gen for help, which was a mutual help between colleagues, not a goddess and a spare tire, and cannot be generalized.
“What cards are you playing?” Qin Yanan asked again. Sister Lan went to bring a plate over, which contained a box of mahjong, two boxes of bridge cards, and a box of calligraphy cards.
“Fighting the Landlords!” Zhu Juntang said happily. She was not very good at running the beard that Liu Changan often played. The rules of mahjong were different, but the Landlords Fighting was more international.
“Okay, let’s have some luck.” Qin Yanan had no objection.
/Liu Changan is fine.
Zhu Juntang stared at the ceiling in trance for ten seconds.
/“Let’s see, the loser must wear a pair of silk stockings, and the winner can tear them off after he puts them on!” Zhu Juntang thought of the lottery and looked at Liu Changan with sparkling eyes.
If Liu Changan loses, he can let him put on stockings, and then use small scissors to cut and tear them to humiliate him!
“Are you stupid?” Qin Yanan hit Zhu Juntang angrily, “You just think you won, what if you lose?”