definitely not be able to die in the hands of the indescribable “elder brother” of the strange monk. “On the body.

Perhaps in the dim and turbid current, there is still some so-called “Earth Immortal God” who can exert great supernatural powers and magic power, and the scene in this room is reflected hazily like a mirror, a flower in the water, and a moon in the water.
Even if what happened today is only the tip of the iceberg, these evil beasts must die in their own hands.
Or to be more precise, he died at the hands of the so-called “Guanyu Sanren” of Zhu Minghua Yangtian!
The Zhu Ming Huayang Heavenly Cultivator Yu Sanren mentioned by this strange monk, his solitary and disgusting past, his experience of escaping from suspended animation, and the uniqueness that got mixed up in this place almost seemed to him. Chu Weiyang’s tailor-made identity is the same.
So, in the blink of an eye, Chu Weiyang decided to accept the vague “goodwill” offered by this strange monk.
/In an instant, as the storm swept across, the whining wind and thunder became louder, and what was far more ferocious and terrifying than this majestic celestial phenomenon was Chu Weiyang’s divine and magical powers that ended in a shrill and crazy laugh. sound.
“You know the name of Yeye? You actually know the name of Yeye! What a pity! What a pity, you are just like trash and do not deserve to be known by Yeye!”
/“How many useless snacks were like you in the past, barking in front of the Taoist Master! But they are all dead! Duyeye is still alive!”
“You are going to die too! There is so much nonsense to talk about, and there is no forbidden place in the world? There are no taboos in anything you do!”
“Come die! Come die!”
In the roar, as if impatient, the three-headed and six-armed body of a god and demon jumped out of the black and yellow storm first. Even if it shrunk and consolidated again, its towering body was still larger than the size of the previous mountain.
At this moment, when such a majestic figure leaped high into the air, and the long red stick in his hand was wrapped with sacrificial fire and thunder, the entangled storm of black and yellow energy seemed to be an afterthought. Moving closely with Chu Weiyang’s figure, before the Taoist figure fell, he had already arrived and swallowed up the vast ocean of blood.
The next moment, almost everything was covered by the black and yellow storm, and the five aggregates and Taiyin were isolated by magical powers. The strange monk still pretended to make a move. In an instant, the sky was filled with a sea of ??blood. Pointing directly at the moment when Chu Weiyang soared into the sky.
It seemed that the blood light was rising up like a pillar, but in fact, at the moment when the blood light was rising, all the limbs and bodies were submerged first, and the ones who were penetrated were the monks who were confused.
Then, all the monks “attacked and killed” the red long stick that Chu Weiyang smashed down in a way that was far more swift and violent than the bloody light.
This was