arable from the incident where he became younger last time. At that time, Liu Changan also talked about Liu Yuewang’s current condition. There is no difference between biological age and that of a girl.

very nice.
After getting such a benefit, Liu Yuewang didn’t care about Liu Changan being a donkey last night. At worst, he went back and made it clear. If Liu Changan came to stay overnight, Liu Yuewang would spend the night in a hotel, or Liu Changan would take An Nuan out. Can.
If an ordinary boy falls in love with An Nuan, it is absolutely impossible for a parent to have such an attitude. But Liu Changan is different after all. Liu Yuewang despises An Nuan’s vixen-like coquettishness from time to time, but in fact he is very supportive of An Nuan. Liu Changan was tied tightly.
For the sake of facial cream and youth, you have to do whatever it takes!
Liu Yuewang was feeling hungry calmly, so he got dressed and went to the hotel restaurant for a walk, where they still had Western-style meals.
Liu Yuewang lives a very exquisite life. At her age or most people think that every bit of Western-style lifestyle is exquisite, but her taste buds, her stomach, and the taste of food deep in her brain The pursuit made her give up Western-style meals.
There were not many types of Chinese food in the restaurant and the taste was not satisfactory. Liu Yuewang frowned and decided to go downstairs to eat Lanzhou beef noodles.
Liu Yuewang had just walked across the street when he saw Zhou Dongdong and a beautiful girl pushing an electric scooter. They were standing outside a shop selling beef stewed with radish and looking at them. Something like a little black cow.
Thinking that Zhou Dongdong would call her sister tactfully and honestly, Liu Yuewang walked over and heard them talking.
“Beef only costs forty or fifty yuan per pound. Last time your mother and I went to the supermarket, the beef brisket your mother bought was more convenient. But a bowl of beef stewed with radish here costs forty-two yuan. I counted, and there were only eight pieces of beef in the bowl the man ate just now.”
“I also counted, there are ten yuan!” (Note: I was in elementary school and can count to ten)
“Two pieces were fat. She didn’t eat them, so throwing them away doesn’t count.”
“You can eat fat meat! Why should you throw it away?” Zhou Dongdong said sadly.
“Your brother Chang’an hasn’t given me pocket money today. I only brought out twenty yuan. We also have to buy two silk dolls to eat. The cheapest beef soup here costs fifteen yuan, but there is no beef soup. beef.”
Zhou Dongdong dug into her pocket and took out a crumpled dollar, which she earned from doing housework last time.
/“Now that we have twenty-one dollars, I asked her if she could sell us half a portion and the three of us could eat together.”
Asking merchants if they can sell half a portion, a third of a portion, and selling a little bit to them is a daily routine for Zhou Dongdong and Shangguan Dandan.
Liu Yuewang saw that the beautiful girl with long hair covering her