It seems that buying her a mobile phone has both advantages and disadvantages.

I originally thought that when I told her about the world today, she would not be able to help but come out and take a look. This idea was not wrong, but I did not expect that after getting the mobile phone, she would choose to use it to understand the world and even express it. I have no interest in going out to see the world for myself.
It’s just that since she came to see Zhou Dongdong under the sycamore tree, she must have also seen the towering Baolong Center.
Skyscrapers are naturally one of the symbols of modern civilization. They shocked the ancients most directly and powerfully.
No matter which ancient civilization it was, architectural language related to “reaching the sky” was born. However, due to the limitations of ancient productivity, the buildings that the ancients dreamed of reaching the sky were actually not very high.
A skyscraper like Baolong Center that towers into the clouds, with its top often between the clouds, mist, thunder and lightning, would give the ancients the most direct sense of being separated from this world.
In comparison, the representative works of modern civilization that we see every day, such as mobile phones and cars, are actually not so shocking.
/Could it be that after Shangguan Dandan saw the high-rise buildings, he had already accepted the shock, so he tended to digest and accept modern civilization instead of needing to satisfy his curiosity?
“Next time you see Sister Dandan, you should find a way to get her to play with you so that she doesn’t hide.” Liu Changan had no choice but to take advantage of Zhou Dongdong, hoping that in addition to eating, she could also Make a difference and realize the meaning of having a child.
“Is she playing peek-a-boo with you?”
“So many questions.”
Zhou Shuling took the eggs and went downstairs. She took a quick glance at Liu Changan and Zhou Dongdong and found that Liu Changan was reading Zhou Dongdong’s pinyin in his hand with Zhou Dongdong’s primary school reading book, so she went to the store with confidence.
“Brother Chang’an, you can read the book backwards!”
“Of course.” Liu Changan nodded calmly.
After the incense was burned, Liu Changan took Zhou Dongdong aside, put out the fire and started the pot. The aroma hit his face, and Zhou Dongdong jumped up quickly and wiped his mouth.
The duck meat is crispy and soft, and the taste is completely different from that of blood duck, beer duck, cured duck, etc. The smell of blood is removed, and more emphasis is placed on reflecting the fresh and original flavor of the ingredients. Liu Changan packed a little in a thermos box and handed it to Zhou Dongdong, Zhou Dongdong reached out and wanted to taste it first. With difficulty, he just dipped his finger in it and tasted the taste on his finger. Liu Changan hit him and rushed to wash his hands.
Liu Changan ate the duck slowly and leisurely, and Zhou Dongdong entered the barrier to eat the duck.
An Nuan sent a message: “I’m hiding in th