i Sect, the majestic Holy Land Sect, do things that are too petty. It is indeed difficult for monks in the Golden Core realm to use it to prove it, but Jing The magical scriptures that Taoist Snow had promised a long time ago had never been delivered.

In conjunction, the supreme medicines and supreme materials practiced by the ritual lineage and the witchcraft lineage are also greatly reduced in the future. It is not because these ‘consumables’ are related to the step of Pindao’s true deduction of the method. Perhaps Even these must be greatly discounted.
Do they think that by doing this, they can have some control over Pindao? Can you teach me to calm down and listen quietly to them when they propose this or that condition?
Today’s actions were Gong Wanzhu’s idea, but there may not have been any guidance from the Gong family behind the scenes. Since the Gong family had seen the two books given by Shi Pindao earlier, they still pushed her to Ming Dynasty. On the surface, but in reality, among the undercurrents that want to wrap around Pindao’s figure, the Gong family may not be involved!
They are so ugly that they are ugly and terrifying in front of the real Tao and Dharma. They may not even have the appearance of beasts. It is worth teaching poor Taoists to take a second look!
In this case, don’t blame Pindao for adding heavy ingredients to the bait! If the previous two Taoist books only taught a very small number of people to see the real beauty, then when they saw Pindao’s “Purple Toad Alchemy Sutra”, they could understand the true meaning and principles in it. The marrow is there!
/Hey! When the time comes, I’m afraid it will still be them who are fooling around!
On the other hand, Gong Wanzhu, what really shines in the poor Tao is that in addition to her commendable courage, she also has a mind that is far superior to others. Her final words of farewell and the unfinished rhymes beyond her words. , I think it’s already clear what Pindao’s true thoughts are! ”
When he mentioned this, even Chu Weiyang’s indifferent face had a look of admiration flashing across his face.
It’s interesting to say that Chu Weiyang claims to be the leader of the Yuan Sect and a descendant of the Holy Sect, but in fact, Chu Weiyang’s journey has been bumpy, and he is no different from ordinary casual cultivators.
This was unfamiliar to Chu Weiyang. Teaching Taoists through the somewhat boring Taoist enlightenment method allowed him to truly feel some of the charm of Yuanmen and his own novel experience.
Moreover, with his own eyes, he was making nests, providing bait, and following Gong Wanzhu’s trend to play tricks on himself. It was obvious that Chu Weiyang was enjoying it.
However, during this process, Taoists still stick to their original intentions. In all the processes of acting recklessly based on the state of cultivation, the improvement of one’s own Taoism is always the key and purpose.
When hearing what Chu Weiyang said, even Chun Yuzhi seemed to have never thought of it, and then sighed with emotion.
“Of course