pinched An Nuan hard.

“You drive well, why are you pinching me all of a sudden!” An Nuan was in pain, “Of course I’m going to go. I need to give some opinions and suggestions when my family buys a car!”
/“When I buy a new car, I will drive this car for you.” Liu Yuewang smiled happily when he saw An Nuan’s pained expression.
The child I raise at home just likes to pinch her sometimes and watch her howl.
An Nuan immediately changed her expression and looked at Liu Yuewang in surprise: “I thought you would sell it to get some blood!”
“How long ago did I buy this car? It would be a huge loss to sell it.” Liu Yuewang shook his head.
Liu Yuewang didn’t expect this. For An Nuan, the emotional car was just a tool to chase the mistress.
/But why does An Nuanlao compete with his high school classmates? What does Liu Changan want to do with that Bai Fen? Didn’t he hook up long ago?
I had a few chats with Huang Shan in the group of classmates during the Chinese New Year. Huang Shan knew that there had been rumors in high school that Liu Changan liked Bai Hui. Isn’t it all a misunderstanding?
Liu Yuewang also watched the video of Liu Changan’s confession in the KTV. Everyone thought he was going to confess to Bai Hui, but it turned out to be An Nuan.
At most, Bai Hui is a little bit compared to An Nuan, but would it be embarrassing if she went after Liu Changan now?
My high school classmate Bai Hui is just an ordinary girl, not from the same college. That Zhu Juntang is a classmate of Liu Changan and they see each other every day. She probably spends much more time with Liu Changan than you, a real girlfriend.
Instead of being wary of Zhu Juntang, keep an eye on Bai Hui? Isn’t it because her breasts are bigger than hers? Liu Yuewang shook his head. There was really nothing a stupid little girl could do.
Zhu Juntang has always been very high-profile in the school. A teacher is a profession that has a lot of time and occasions for gossip. Therefore, Liu Yuewang heard a lot about Zhu Juntang and also saw some photos of Zhu Juntang circulated by students. , What a beautiful and temperamental rich lady.
Men have basically no resistance to beautiful girls with this kind of personality. Women also like to be such little princesses. Of course, they are also most wary of such little princesses appearing in front of their boyfriends.
It’s good for An Nuan. I don’t know where the confidence comes from. He actually doesn’t take Zhu Juntang seriously and stares at Bai Hui, who is at best the girl next door type compared to Zhu Juntang.
Liu Yuewang didn’t want to talk to her so much. This girl was so stubborn that it would be useless to say anything.
“You also said that the person who beat you up is also your high school classmate.” Liu Yuewang could only hit her at will. Although her children can be hit and pinched at will, she really has to be aware of some dead truths. Sometimes Parents are also helpless.
“Let me tell you.” An Nuan lowered her voice, “She is very scheming. In order to keep an eye on me and study me, she op