t it.

After she is admitted to Hunan University, she will definitely be able to speak a lot of poems and songs like everyone else without getting confused.
“Who is stronger, Liu Changan or Xiang Yu?” Girls who are in the stage of secret love always like to associate any topic with the person they like.
/Bai Hui felt that Liu Changan must be stronger, but Liu Changan had not fought like Xiang Yu and had killed many people. If modern people want to win the reputation of “strengthening the mountains”, they can only participate in the kind of battle that looks like a brain. The strongman competition in question.
“Of course it’s Liu Chang’an.” Shangguan Dandan said with certainty, “Furthermore, after Xiang Yu was defeated, he didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with him. He felt that it was great that he could conquer the mountains. It was just that he was unlucky and the horse refused to run. , in the end he will only find women to moan and groan. Liu Changan is definitely not like this.”
Liu Changan nodded. Shangguan Dandan rarely had a few good words to say about Liu Changan, so there was nothing wrong with her point of view.
Modern people often think of Xiang Yu as a tragic hero, but in the eyes of the Han Dynasty royal family, who was the ultimate winner of the world, who did he count? He is just a reckless man who defeated the army.
Xiang Yu’s battles were all in the civil war. In terms of outstanding military achievements, Shangguan Dandan did not see such a figure at all.
“Even if Liu Changan fails, he will ride a horse and take a woman with him. While the horse is shaking, he will find a grave to dig out money and wait for the opportunity to make a comeback. Instead of blaming everyone and asking what the woman should do.” Shangguan Dandan patted Liu Changan affirmatively. arms.
Shangguan Dandan really didn’t learn well. She had learned all the old tricks and old sayings like Ma Zhen. Liu Changan gave her three chestnuts. Being so short makes it easier for people to knock on the head and Tianling Gai.
Zhou Shuling and Bai Hui both smiled shyly, feeling that Liu Changan really wouldn’t blame this and that like Xiang Yu did, but would do what Shangguan Dandan said, which was what Liu Changan they were familiar with would do.
But Zhou Shuling and Bai Hui looked at each other and noticed each other’s expressions and shy smiles, and they couldn’t help but have doubts. Did Zhou Shuling/Bai Hui think that she was the woman he was riding with?
Bai Hui quickly dismissed this thought. How could it be possible? Although Liu Changan and Zhou Shuling have a close relationship, they get along very naturally, and they don’t feel like they are rubbing each other against each other. Moreover, Liu Changan clearly treats Zhou Dongdong as his little sister, which is a big difference in their generation.
Zhou Shuling didn’t think much about it. She felt that Bai Hui wanted to be the woman who flirted with Liu Changan, so let her be her. Zhou Shuling fed his horses grass at home and kept them fat.
/“Where can I dig m