ally existed. After being bathed in the charm of Taoism, it showed illusion and emptiness.

Think about it, not only those geniuses and monsters who have perished one after another in the sea and sea realms of the old world, but also those monsters who have been selected by nature and have gone through the ages to set foot on the road of Yinming. , the Tao Dharma Sutra has brought countless true essence to this world.
Or those realms that were born and destroyed one after another in the real dim and turbulent world, which were continuously created and destroyed by the natural disasters that lasted for unknown number of years, using the ultimate power, and those realms that fell together with the birth and death of the realms. The spiritual forms of all things that enter the ferry of death and life are “living water” in the true sense.
Now, Chu Weiyang has used the existence of the old man as a skeleton to stir up the essence of Taoism in this world.
Taoism is already in the furnace of Taoists, but what about all living things? Where are the Yin spirits of all things?
While thinking like this, Chu Weiyang’s eyes began to gradually move away from the sintering process of the Yin spirit and bone phase in the furnace.
All the Yin spirits and bones were turned into ashes and dust one after another during the calcination, and then in the rising and falling of clear and turbidity, the essence of Taoism of order and disorder was revealed.
But from the beginning to the end, from the appearance to the ashes and dust, there has never been a radiance that truly belongs to the true spirit.
/as if
It seems that what Chu Weiyang activated the Taishang Bagua Furnace to bake was not the real Yin spirit and bone phase. What it was firing was just a layer of gauze wrapped by the Yin spirit and bone phase. There was nothing in it. It is just the outer shell of the Tao, Fa and Shen Yun.
“All appearances are not appearances”
While sighing softly, Chu Weiyang moved his eyes away from these Yin spirits and bones, and looked at the ancient Yin world hidden by the dark clouds and mist.
Moreover, as Chu Weiyang has been leveraging, grabbing and refining the essence of this world law for a long time, as of now, Chu Weiyang has been diligently devouring and refining it for a long time. Now when he looks at it, all directions The dark background is still the same, but the mysterious clouds and mist itself have gradually become lighter.
/In the haze, the shadowy world of the mortal world, where everyone was immersed in fantasy dreams, seemed to have emerged from the thin black clouds and mist, and the Taoist could see its shadowy outline.
But at this moment, with this knowledge, Chu Weiyang began to further doubt whether the scene of the world full of ghosts immersed in soul dreams that he had seen at this time was already from this land of nothingness. The true scene.
He once saw an old man punting a boat, and later he saw the essence of Yin spirits and bones through the insight of Taoism. Now, it seems that such cognitive