“Don’t leave the hospital, just continue to live.”
Liu Changan saw an earthenware bowl placed next to the hospital bed, took it and crushed it.
“You Niu Bang, save me!” When Jin Hou saw Liu Changan’s move, he knew what Liu Changan was going to do, and he immediately bent over and got under the bed.
“Can I save you?” Niu Bang was also restrained by Liu Changan’s hand, but he also saw Jin Hou’s expression. Jin Hou obviously knew that Liu Changan had this ability!
Why are these rich kids so insidious! Niu Bang was filled with hatred. Jin Hou knew Liu Changan was so powerful, but he didn’t give any hint to Niu Bang. Was he trying to get him to die?
“In the past, when we were poor, some people really ate dirt. You should try it too. The education of remembering the bitter and thinking of the sweet will never stop.”
After Liu Changan finished speaking, he fed the earthenware bowl to Jin Hou and ate it, adhering to the concept of treating diseases and saving people, teaching without discrimination.
This is the so-called deed of one good deed a day. Presumably, through this, the Golden Lord will also be able to achieve a certain level of growth, and it is not known that over time, he will develop a grateful heart.
After feeding Jin Hou the earthenware bowl, Liu Changan left. Niu Bang did not stay and followed Liu Changan and left. Jin Hou was speechless and rushed to the bathroom, scratching his throat but not spitting out much. He quickly held the After pouring water into his mouth and washing away the clay powder stuck in his mouth and throat, he was finally able to speak.
Jin Hou didn’t even bother to find a doctor, so he took out his mobile phone and made a call, “Sister Mingming Lin, please help me contact someone. That guy just came to the hospital again. I’m not done with him!”
“The master from Nanyang is here in Junsha. He seems to be from an overseas sect of the Tiandao Sect, an ancient sect. He rubs ceramic shards with his hands, which is nothing to ancient martial arts masters like them.”
/“Okay, no matter how much it costs, I will definitely feed Liu Changan shit. I’ll beg his mother, and I’ll prepare fresh, steaming food for him to eat!” Jin Hou roared angrily, but his throat felt uncomfortable again, and he coughed repeatedly. For a while.
The person on the other end of the phone laughed out loud and hung up.
Jin Hou quickly returned to the ward and pressed the call button. Sister Ming Lin’s surname was Qin. She owned many industries in Zhonghai, including top restaurants, private clubs, etc. She had a wide range of people. The Qin family had a very strong influence in the political and economic academia. In terms of influence, Qin Minglin is only a side branch of the Qin family, but she has abundant resources of her own and does not rely much on the support of the main family.
/After Liu Changan left the hospital, he planned to go home and change clothes. He had to meet Yan Huaye today, so he couldn’t still wear the improved Hanfu customized by An Nuan.
Just now, I was strutting aroun