ton, fish, and my classmates. This is the last time in three years. How much will you charge? If you think you need anything else, if we don’t have it at home, then you can discuss and buy it yourself.”

“Ah, how can this be done? It’s a lot of money.” Miao Yingying glared at Gao Dewei.
“I’ll take charge.” Liu Changan habitually accepted the job.
“Okay, let’s rent a car and meet at the gate of the attached high school to set off.” An Nuan said to Bai Hui. She knew Gao Dewei’s temperament and strength, and there was no need to be polite to Gao Dewei.
“Then I’ll go to the group first and explain that this event is sponsored by local tycoon Gao Dewei.” Bai Hui said with a smile, secretly spitting in her heart, Miao Yingying, this stinky girl, now knows where to turn her elbow.
“Landlords are the real tycoons.” Liu Changan patted Gao Dewei on the shoulder and said.
“You and An Nuan stay the night, and we play mahjong all night.” Gao Dewei suggested, “This is how you meet your opponent in chess.”
“Three of you playing mahjong? Three people playing mahjong? That’s boring. Four people will test your skills.” Bai Hui is not an expert at playing mahjong, but he knows this.
“It’s very difficult to fight three masters against an ordinary person, you know?” Gao Dewei waved his hand and explained proudly, “If you are on the field with all masters, your opponent will not mess around. His You can calculate all the tiles carefully, which is the fun of mahjong, but if a fool sneaks in and plays randomly, it will be difficult for the other three people to count the tiles, you know?”
“Bai Hui and I teamed up, but we can’t compare to you alone?” Miao Yingying was very unconvinced.
“It’s not comparable.” Liu Changan shook his head, “But it’s just for fun anyway, so let’s beat four people. Three people can’t eat, and it’s too deadly to fight.”
“Liu Changan has spoken for you, so let’s come together. The last time we fought with you, it was just me and Liu Changan playing around.” Gao Dewei said nonchalantly.
“I heard that you let Bai Hui and Miao Yingying dance all night last time.” An Nuan said with a smile, but she didn’t mean anything else, she just thought it was fun.
/Miao Yingying and Bai Hui were both a little embarrassed, but they wanted to avenge their shame.
“An Nuan, can you dance?” Gao Dewei asked, “Bai Hui and Miao Yingying danced in pajamas. Others thought they were great dancers.”
“Am I a great dancer?” Bai Hui didn’t want to lose face in front of An Nuan, “I danced “Send the Moon”, “God’s Drift”, “Green Snake”, “Pure Land”, “Wing Chun” you go first Check it out, which one is the best dancer?”
“What kind of dance do you like me to dance?” An Nuan looked at Liu Changan, “I want to learn it.”
“Let’s tango.”
“Tango is danced by two people.” Bai Hui felt that Liu Changan was not familiar with everything.
“Yes, dancing alone and watching alone is not as interesting as dancing together.” Liu Changan smiled.
/“I hate it, I won’t dance with you.” An Nuan turned her head shyly.
The juice was served, and Bai Fen lo