Who is it?

While he was suddenly confused, Chu Weiyang had already vaguely made a guess. But the moment the guess emerged, Chu Weiyang suddenly felt that his idea was a little bolder.
And as if to confirm Chu Weiyang’s thoughts, almost at the moment when such thoughts occurred, the rustling sound of gauze clothes grinding became closer and closer from behind the screen.
When he looked again, sure enough, it was Shi Yuting who was wearing a light plain robe and covered with black gauze. His slim and convex figure was walking out from behind the wooden screen. Perhaps he caught Chu Weiyang’s gaze and looked at him. He was clearly at the peak of his elixir, but his face turned rosy in an instant, as if he was drunk.
/But then, as Shi Yuting’s waist twisted, it seemed that the beautiful woman was clearly drunk, but she still managed to support her figure. She seemed to be losing her composure, but she still acted politely. .
She bowed towards Chu Weiyang like this.
“Sir, in this vast sea, we finally meet each other again. We became famous at the Dan Banquet. Now the Dragon King’s banquet is even more popular. He is known as the ‘Lord of Langxiao Mountain’. His profound luck is enviable. , the junior sister congratulated the young master and performed a dance.”
Hearing this, Chu Weiyang seemed a little flattered.
Regardless of the connection between the gods in the past, how they separated each other’s gods in the Niwan Palace, but at that time, perhaps because of the sense of distance, Chu Wei could do whatever he could. Yang Yehun didn’t pay much attention to it.
But now, they are really in the same Taoist palace. They are the monks at the peak realm of elixir in Baihua Tower. They stand there handsomely, calling themselves “Master” and “Junior Sister”, and even offering sacrifices. Dance a song.
The more this happened, the less peaceful Chu Weiyang felt, and the more he wanted to thoroughly explore the truth.
/So, Chu Weiyang turned his head and finally looked at Qing He.
“Qing He, what kind of battle are you master and disciple doing? If you don’t explain clearly, Chu will feel uneasy!”
Finally, he heard Chu Weiyang ask such a question, and in an instant, Qing He’s face burst into a bright smile.
She didn’t answer for a while, but looked at Shi Yuting with a smile, and raised her chin proudly, as if Chu Weiyang asked Qinghe for no reason and taught Qinghe to win against Shi Yuting.
Immediately afterwards, Qing He’s clear voice sounded, like a pearl striking a jade plate.
“Look! Look! Master, what did I say? My master is devoted to the Tao! This is a matter of cause and effect, involving luck. If the master doesn’t find out, it means that we, the master and the disciple, will no longer be charming. , we need to put it aside first! If this is not the case, how can we deserve the title of Lord of Langxiao Mountain!”
What he said was as if Qinghe was extremely proud after receiving the name of the mountain lord. Later, it seemed that Chu Weiyang’s dedication to the Tao taught Qinghe how much face he gained