nice, but why don’t you use an alchemy lamp? This kind of crystal lamp has no appearance, but long-term use is not good for your eyes!” When Charlie walked into the hall, he looked at it and said.

“That’s a good idea. I’ll install it later!” David looked at the crystal chandelier and felt this way.
If other nobles in Jianmo City heard what Charlie said, they would probably think that Charlie was mocking them, because alchemy lamps are rarely used in Jianmo City.
Jianmo City is too remote, and alchemy items are rarely seen.
When David saw the alchemy lamp in the city lord’s palace, it was just an exception.
But David himself is an ‘alchemist master’, so it is very easy to make a few alchemy lamps.
He had not thought of this before. He had the idea after seeing the alchemy lamp in the City Lord’s Mansion. Now that he heard what Charlie said, he made up his mind.
“Actually, if you bring back the Interstellar Federation’s lights, you can also install those!” Seeing that David was so talkative, Charlie continued to confuse him.
“The Interstellar Federation’s lamps are simple to make, but the materials are not readily available, so it’s a bit troublesome!” David shook his head and said.
David’s casual words made Charlie look at David more probingly.
Charlie understood the meaning of David’s words. David could use materials from the divine world to make lamps for the Interstellar Federation.
This made Charlie, who yearned for the Interstellar Federation, very interested. If it hadn’t been too late now, he would have chased David to make it.
“Let me see the ‘exoskeleton armor’ first!” Charlie said without forgetting his purpose.
“Wait a minute, I’ll crack the security system first, otherwise you can’t use it!” David took out a space-type ‘exoskeleton armor’ from the space ring and said while operating it.
The space-type ‘exoskeleton armor’ has little combat effectiveness in the atmosphere, but its flight capabilities are enough to meet Charlie’s requirements.
/Charlie didn’t understand what David was talking about, but he knew that David had a way to let him try it out, and he was extremely excited.
David unlocked the internal control system of the ‘exoskeleton armor’ and set it to a state that anyone could use.
Then he began to explain to Charlie how to use the ‘exoskeleton armor’. Fortunately, the operation of the ‘exoskeleton armor’ was very simple. It only took a while to get used to it. There was no big problem in just wearing it and playing without fighting.
Charlie himself is an official knight, otherwise David would not be able to come up with the ‘exoskeleton armor’. Without enough strength and physique, ordinary people cannot wear the ‘exoskeleton armor’.
“I understand, I understand!” Charlie nodded as he listened to David’s explanation.
Lord Cagle did not talk to David about asking the Luce family to send knights until the end of the cocktail party. David guessed that this was because of Charlie, which made him feel that he owed Charlie a favor, so Charlie wanted to see what was going on. Bone A