mes from the bottom of my heart and is not false at all.

Especially when these military personnel and medical staff saw the tragic scene in Sho City, which had the same defense capabilities as Perrin City, they felt extremely grateful to David.
If it hadn’t been for David, they might have died, or maybe one of these survivors.
Bruno heard the sound and looked up. He saw Jim and saw David.
“Bruno, what’s wrong with you?” Jim stepped forward and grabbed Bruno’s shoulders and asked loudly.
Although he and Bruno had competed before, they didn’t have any big hatred, and now they only had concern.
“All dead, father, mother, everyone I know, they are all dead!” Bruno murmured.
Maybe the tears had dried up, and there was blood flowing out of the corners of his eyes.
“What are your plans?” Jim asked again.
“Join the army, I want to go to Battle Star, I want to kill the Zerg!” Bruno gritted his teeth and said, his eyes full of hatred.
“I’ll help you!” Jim nodded, he could only do what he could.
David was silent beside him. At this time, he had a personal experience of the cruelty of war and the terror of the Zerg.
He was glad that he had Shadow Warrior and the ability to fight. At this time, he had a goal in his mind for the future, which was to become stronger, protect himself, and protect his family.
When the two turned to leave, they heard a soft voice from behind: “Thank you!”
“David, I want to drink, the strongest kind!” Jim returned to the car and said in a deep voice.
“I can’t drink, but I can chat with you!” David nodded and replied.
The Type 2 Land Tiger armored vehicle flew towards the gathering place, which was a large hotel called the West City Hotel.
When David saw the name of the hotel, he remembered that he seemed to own 40% of the hotel’s equity.
“Mr. Jim, your friend is waiting for you in the sixth box on the second floor. I will lead you and this gentleman there!” A waiter saw Jim and quickly came forward to greet him, bowing and saying.
In the Xicheng Hotel, it was already past meal time, but due to the war, many people did not have their meals in time. At this time, some qualified people were still laughing and celebrating in the hotel in order to celebrate the victory of the war. .
David looked at the joyful scene here, and thought of the survivors who got off the dozens of military transport planes, and his mood changed after being affected by the news from Sihuo City.
The victory that people here celebrated was brought by him, and he changed the fate of Perrin City.
This is still him now. When he becomes stronger, he can change the fate of more people, not just a city.
“Oh my god, look who this is?” Myron shouted with an exaggerated expression when he saw David pushing open the door. Then he said seriously: “Welcome our great hero David!”
/“Thank you!” Daley walked up to David, hugged him, and said seriously.
“Thank you!” De Quincey also bowed respectfully and said.
/The story about David has not yet fully spread, but it has already spread among the top brass of the military and g