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Liu Changan is similar.
“Come in first.” Liu Changan knocked on the door and An Nuan opened the door.
Liu Changan walked in. He had made egg noodles in the morning. There was no sign of breakfast at An Nuan’s house. There were yogurt boxes, leftover lamb ribs, and vegetable and fruit salads on the dining table.
“You are nostalgic.” Liu Yuewang paused for a while to organize his words, but did not call Liu Changan old-fashioned.
An Nuan and Liu Changan have been dating for such a long time, and Liu Yuewang is no longer picky now, and talks to Liu Changan much more casually.
“A student who is particularly temperamental, like those in the old era who were particularly ideal and motivated.” An Nuan’s understanding of the old era certainly came from some TV series and movies.
“Many people still wore this style in the 1980s. This satchel was quite popular at that time.” Liu Yuewang looked at Liu Changan for a while.
“Do you also have a deep impression of the 1980s?” An Nuan was very doubtful, because her mother was born in the 1980s. She was not over ten years old during the entire 1980s. How could she know what was popular?
“I’m deeper than you.” Liu Yuewang glared at An Nuan with disgust. There was something wrong with this baby’s head. Liu Yuewang noticed it. As long as Liu Yuewang talked to Liu Changan, An Nuan especially liked to talk back to her.
“I think people with connotation and thoughts, people with strong souls, just need to wear clean and tidy clothes.” Liu Changan said casually, “Only those with a thin temperament need such and such fancy clothes.”
An Nuan and Liu Yuewang looked at Liu Changan together.
/“Take back the last sentence.” Liu Changan calmly changed his words.
Liu Yuewang did not wear a cheongsam today, but a Chinese-style coat with a retro buttoned stand-up collar, warm grass gray color, wide sleeves, rolled up to reveal circles of woven patterns, and her arms were white and warm, loose and slanted A green jade bracelet hung sideways, and her slender legs were wearing rattan slippers under her coat. This outfit made her consciously think that Liu Changan was saying that she was wearing something flashy.
How can a little boy know how to appreciate? Liu Yuewang didn’t take it seriously. She had taken a lot of selfies recently, posted them on WeChat Moments, and set them up to be visible to specific people. Only mature men would understand that her age contains the temperament of years and books, and it is by no means a flashy thing.
An Nuan burst out laughing and pulled Liu Changan to her room.
“Don’t close the door.” Liu Yuewang felt that by lowering his voice to show that he was respecting the little boy, he had to remind them that it was not appropriate for a man and a woman to close the door alone in the room.
This is the psychological skill of a mature mother.
An Nuan closed the door, locked it with a click, and then smiled mischievously at Liu Changan.
Liu Changan immediately became vigilant, “What do you want to do to me?”
/“I hate it, I’m looking for a beating!”